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Incremental Changes

Incremental Change How many of my readers have tip toed through the hot sand, until you reach the shore line.  Once there, the child within comes alive.  You play tag with the ebb and flow, and gallop in pure gaiety

How Do You Show Care and Concern

John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath” writes about a family in the great depression who loses everything and heads west to California.   On their journey, they meet many people like themselves.   It was hard times for everyone; just like it

Preparing the Dough

Allergy Awareness

Allergy Awareness For years, every time I ate something with wheat, dairy, eggs, yeast, or gluten, my body would violently react.  I would get black eyes, my stomach would blow up, and my nose would get terribly stuffy!  I would

The Distinguished Panel

On Monday, November 22nd, I was invited to be part of a respected body of people who talked For/With/ And About disabilities.  It was a well received event. Hosted by the Independent Writers Of Southern California.)   Where one of

Caring in a World That Does Not Seem to Exist Anymore

“Healing should be a loving human interchange, not a business transaction.”  Dr. Hunter Patch Adams said in one of his interviews.  Why is that?  Why have we taken this stance?  And why have we become a society who doesn’t care

Messenger is Freedom

…it called me to attention by sitting at the keyboard hypnotized by the though of what I wanted to say just like Rosalyn Russell, in The Front Page, and, William Holden, in Sunset Boulevard.

Alterative Appearance’s

Most of my life, unlike “normal” people, I have had to mend myself back to health numerous times. It was not only when I was an infant but throughout.   Needless to say, it has been extremely difficult to convince medical

Focusing on Forging Ahead

My dear readers.  I know it may seem as thought a lifetime has gone by since I have last written, but you’d be pleased to know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.  As I type these

Following the Mores of One’s Heart

How many times have you honestly and earnestly shared your hopes and dreams with not only the people closest to you, but friends, collogues and those who claimed they could help; only to hear words that hamper you and held