Enticing Others to Believe

When I was younger, I worked over a 300 extension switchboard as a switchboard operator for a few prominent companies.  These firms were unaware of my strengths.  They were more skeptical of my ability to do the job.  They didn’t and could see I was doing more work with one hand than my immediate co-workers with two.  No one could see my strengths.  They could only see a problem to be fixed.  In their eyes, I had a deficit.  I was lacking.  It didn’t matter whether I dressed well, was faster on the keyboard with one-hand, or more organized ; my ability was discounted.

My inner- spirit has grown from this knowledge obtained.  But what is so wrong with our society that people will not promote and help those with Cerebral Palsy.  Is it the way we look?  Is it the way we conduct ourselves?  Or is it our ability to choose the direction in our own lives that people are threatened of?

One comment on “Enticing Others to Believe
  1. Sean Dineen says:

    You as always feed our minds and spirits with a messianic love and a devotion.
    Everyone who reads this column is wiser, and better.
    How much more we who have been blessed with your loving friendship.

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