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Reflections of My Heart: Coverlet

While in college, I read Wenonah’s Blanket by Peggy Elaine Browning, about a coverlet that kept people safe from hurt and harm. The story warmed my heart, and after reading it, every time I went though a life-altering experience, I

Reflections of My Heart: Convicted

One day, back in 1983, I drove alone in my car from college back to home. This was months after I began writing my life’s story. At the time, I called it The Broken Hoof, and when I finished, it

Reflections of My Heart: Constellations

One night, a violet star illuminated the sky above me. It shone brilliantly and honestly, a bright light that guided me as I took action and made myself into me, the person no one saw. It guided me into taking

Reflections of My Heart: Circle of Friends

I wrote this poem to a dear friend. He was the first person, in a long time, to hear my call, to take me under his wing, and to help me shine.  He was true. He did not spout words

Reflections of My Heart: Crashing

When I wrote this poem, I was taking another walk, about 11:30 in the morning, down a tree-lined street in West Hollywood, California. The towering trees were beautiful. I’m sorry I don’t know what kind they were. Lost in thought

Reflections of My Heart: City Walls

Back in the 70s and 80s, I was just a CP person with pipe dreams, a rebel with a cause, but with no one beside me, except for my dance teacher Al Gilbert and my friend Robert. Like the birds

Reflections of My Heart: Cherished Symphony

I thought I had found someone who saw life like I did, and that inspired this poem. But once again, it was a lesson for my inner self. These precious moments were for me to see the type of person

Reflections of My Heart: Broken Beliefs

I look into the sky, a beautiful purple stream of light before me, dark, and full of destiny. I take a deep breath into my belly, filling my root chakras. This is a bridge to my future and how I

Reflections of My Heart: Blazing

Life for me seemed to get more complicated. It felt like the walls were closing in. Again. No room to breathe or have a break to get though the next storm in my life. No peace of mind. Or simply

Reflections of My Heart: Angel

I have often felt a guiding spirit within myself, an angel who leads me through the hard times and whispers to me reminders of the beauty of life. This poem arose in my heart during one of those moments.  ANGEL