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  • Interview with Christine Robinalt on Dyslexically Successful
    • In June, 2020, Karen was pleased to be interviewed by Christine Robinalt, a physical therapist and an expert on dyslexia. She and I both have it. Christine and I have both not let our disabilities keep us from being all we can be. Please listen and be inspired!


Reflections of My Heart
Reflections of My Heart
This is a collection of poems written over a number of years. There are reflections of thoughts about a wide variety of topics, from accepting my disabilities to romance and friendship.
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Karen Lynn Keynote Speech
Karen Lynn-Chlup Keynote Speech
Karen shatters stereotypes and inspires an audience with her dynamic keynote address at a San Diego People First Self-Advocacy Conference.

Karen Lynn Chlup Aerobics Class
Karen Lynn-Chlup Aerobics Class
Take a peek at one of Karen’s chair aerobics classes, as she leads a group of people with disabilities to better fitness.

Karen Lynn Chlup Community Work
Karen Lynn-Chlup Community Work
Watch as Karen leads a group of hundreds at a community event in Long Beach.

Interview with Karen Lynn Chlup - Life Highlights
Interview with Karen Lynn-Chlup – Life Highlights
Watch and listen as Karen tells her life highlights to a reporter from NBC News4, following an introduction by Nick Clooney, Rosemary Clooney’s brother, and father of the actor George Clooney.

Karen Lynn Chlup Teaching at Seniors Center
Karen Lynn-Chlup Teaching at a Senior Center
Karen has worked and volunteered to teach fitness classes at senior centers. Get a glimpse of her wonderful work in this video.

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