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Karen in lower right with her grandparents, cousins, and older sister. Her leg brace is hidden by her jeans. Her exuberant love of life cannot be hidden.

Rewards, Challenges and Frustrations of Raising a Child with Disabilities

Raising a child without disabilities is a challenge. Raising a child with disabilities is even more of a challenge. Providing lifelong care can be the greatest challenge of a parent’s or a sibling’s life.

Beyond the challenges of providing care for someone with disabilities, parents and siblings must also care for themselves, for without self-care they will lose their ability to care for anyone else, much less to enjoy their own lives.

There are intrinsic rewards in caring for someone you love, but it is easy to lose perspective while immersed in the day-to-day effort of caregiving. There may also be organizations and agencies that can help you, but that you do not know about.

This is why bringing in a qualified, compassionate professional – someone from outside the family—can help.

Karen Says

“I grew up with cerebral palsy and dyslexia. I’ve jumped all the hurdles and suffered all the tribulations. I faced the discrimination and the social stigma – and I came out on top! Thanks to the love and support of those around me – my family, professionals such as my dance teacher Al Gilbert, my tutor Robert, my editor Peyton Stafford, and my own self – I created a rich and fulfilling life; and now, my passion is helping others to use the methods, tactics and resources I did, so they too can achieve the same in their own lives.”

Karen Can Support You In Your Efforts

If you feel overwhelmed or are struggling to deal with bureaucracies and prejudices, Karen can help you regain your perspective, so you can clearly see what you need to do in your situation.

She can also help with specifics, such as locating and getting government and charitable assistance, dealing with school districts, and advocating for yourself and your child, as well as making time for yourself while giving your all to your child, your sister, or your brother.

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