The Healing Horse, Ch. 15, Scene 5: The Glass Blower

In this scene, Karen and Pegasus watch in wonder as a glass artist creates a figurine of a horse. Karen takes another step toward learning to make her own decisions by deciding that she will save her money so she can buy one. 
If you are interested in glass blowing, here’s a link to some info about the Disneyland glassblowing studio, followed by a link to a YouTube video that will show you how it’s done. 

Scene 5: The Glass Blower

After they finished their snacks, they continued walking. They passed a bank with a line of people standing outside.

“Pegasus, why do you suppose they’re standing in line?”

Her horse replied, “Probably to cash checks, so they have money to spend.”

“Oh,” Karen said. “I hadn’t thought of that. How do you know so much, Pegasus?”

He laughed and said, “I heard Tex and Babbs talking about going to their bank for cash, so it wasn’t hard to figure out.”

They walked a little further, and Karen looked into a store.

“Oh my!” she said.

Pegasus stuck his head into the shop and then froze in fascination.

As they watched, a man held a long metal tube with a blob of red-hot glass on the end of it. He blew into the tube, and as he blew he turned it. At first it was just a big blob of color, but as they watched, he created a glass sculpture of a horse.

When he finished, they took a moment to look at the beautiful blown glass figurines that filled the shop’s shelves.

“Pegasus, I’m going to save enough money to buy one of those.”

They backed out of the shop and continued on their way.

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The Healing Horse, Ch. 15, Scene 4: A Pear for Pegasus

In this scene, Pegasus takes a huge step forward. He speaks in public for the first time ever, because he knows that in Disneyland magic is not only acceptable, it is valued for the wonder it brings into everyone’s life. 
Here is a picture of what the fruit stand might have looked like, with thanks to The Mouse for Less.
fruit stand at Disneyland

Scene 4: A Pear for Pegasus

As they walked toward the fruit stand under its green awnings, Karen saw that it was almost overflowing with fresh apples, bananas, oranges, pears, and other fruits lying in baths of ice. Bottles of soda pop sat chilling in metal tubs of ice. Everything was cold and fresh and perfect to eat.

The man working at the stand shouted, “Come and get your delicious cold fruit and drinks here!”

She asked Pegasus, “What looks good to you, boy?”

He thought for a moment and then answered, “You know, Kitten, since I’ve been fully alive I’ve become very fond of fruit. I have eaten apples and bananas and some others, but never a pear. Not even one. So, I think that’s what I would like, if it’s all right with you. My very first pear on this very special day.”

“Sure,” she said. “If you like apples, you’ll love pears.”

“And you know what else, Kitten? I think I’d like to order it myself.”

“You mean you’re going to talk to the man at the stand?”

“Yes! This is the Magical Kingdom, and I think it will be just fine. Everyone here expects to encounter something wonderful and something magical. They’ll think I’m just part of the show.”

Karen laughed and said, “I’m sure they will, boy, but you’re never just part of anything. You’re the star.”

They laughed some more, and then got into line. When their turn came, the vendor asked Karen, “What would you like, young lady?”

To his surprise, Karen kept quiet as Pegasus answered, “Actually, sir, I would like a pear for myself. My friend already got a Mickey Mouse pretzel for herself. And how much will a pear cost?”

All of a sudden, everyone around them stopped talking for a moment, and then several people said at once, “It’s a talking horse! Isn’t Disneyland just the best! How do they do these things? He looks so real, and now he’s going to eat a pear.”

The man at the stand took a step backward and then said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were cast members. No charge for you, then. But which movie are you from? I know Mister Ed, but that’s not Disney.”

Karen felt her heart sink and did not know how to reply, but Pegasus said, “We shall be in a forthcoming feature film. It’s still in the early planning stage.”

Karen and Pegasus turned around and into the Town Square, where they found a quiet space where they could eat together.

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The Healing Horse, Ch. 15, Scene 3: The Pretzel Cart

In this scene, Karen once again demonstrates that she is growing up. She buys herself a pretzel, but holds off on enjoying it until she can get a suitable treat for Pegasus. If you’re curious about how you can make these pretzels at home, here is a link to the recipe, courtesy of the Official Disney Fan Club:

D23 Party Kit recipe Pretzels and cheesy dip

Scene 3: The Pretzel Cart

Karen and Pegasus poked their heads into many of the shops, as they walked down the street. Then, they stopped at a cart parked in the street. In it, Karen saw a man shaping dough into pretzels that looked like Mickey Mouse. Karen’s eyes were focused on him. She had never seen anything like this before.

“Um, yummy,” Karen said. “I love those pretzels, Pegasus. They must taste so good. Perhaps I’ll get one later.”

“If you want one, Kitten, why don’t you buy one, now? Breakfast was a long time ago. I think we’re both due for a snack to keep up our strength.”

“You’re right, boy. My stomach is growling like a tiger.”

She bought one of the pretzels and started to take a bite out of it, but then paused.

“What about you, Pegasus? You must be hungry, too.”

Her horse neighed and said, “I see a fruit stand just ahead. They must have a good treat for a horse.”

“Yes!” Karen said. “I’m sure they must, and I’ll hold onto my treat until we can eat together.”

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The Healing Horse, Ch. 15, Scene 2: Pegasus Meets a Horse

In this scene, Karen strolls down Main Street and sees how architecture and color can create a feeling of joy and safety, so people can relax and forget their worries. Pegasus then expresses his appreciation for what she has done for him, and she realizes that she truly can give as well as receive.

Here is a vintage postcard I found on Etsy. It shows how Main Street looked in the era when Karen brought Pegasus to it.

As of this writing, it is for sale. You can buy it here.

Scene 2: Pegasus Meets a Horse

Pegasus carried Karen along with the flow of people, until they saw a horse-drawn street car from the 1890s pulled by a large brown horse.

“I wonder if I’m related to that horse. I’m going to talk to him,” Pegasus said.

“Okay, boy,” Karen said. “Just let me get down, first. I want to walk around while you talk. You can catch up with me in a few minutes.”

After watching her mount stroll over and begin a conversation that looked to her like a lot of neighing, blowing, and hoof-stamping, Karen found her attention drawn to the feeling that Main Street gave her. Everyone around her looked happy, and they all got along with each other.

She walked between the rows of colorful buildings. Some stood tall, while others were short. Golden yellows and beiges set the tone of the street. Awnings shaded some shop windows, while balconies with beveled glass doors opening onto them topped others. There was a cheerful Mediterranean and Spanish look to some. They had different style columns. That’s what made them look so distinctive. Some were thick and square, while others were round.

She realized that it was the architecture and colors that made the street so warm and inviting. They put people at ease, so they could relax and enjoy themselves.

She strolled by a row of shops. Some sold candy and ice cream. Some sold clothes. There were even a bank and a pharmacy, just like in a real town.

After a few minutes, Pegasus came bounding up to her, filled with energy. She had never seen him prance like this before.

He neighed and then said, “I can’t believe it, Kitten! This place is amazing. It’s even better than I imagined it would be. I visited with that brown horse. He was so friendly that I made friends with him. He said that working here is the best thing a horse could hope for. There really is magic here. I don’t know how to show you my appreciation for bringing me here, Kitten. You don’t know what this means to me.”

Karen was moved beyond words. She needed a minute to compose herself. She knew now, that she could, indeed, bring about blessings. She knew that she had made her stallion completely happy. She knew that she could give to him, as well as receive the blessings of his presence and guidance.

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The Healing Horse, Ch. 15, Scene 1: Karen and Pegasus Begin Their Disneyland Adventure

In this scene, Karen and Pegasus are no more than a few minutes into their exploration of Disneyland, when they get the feeling that not only are they welcome, but that the place has its own magic. Thanks, again, to for their historical photos. This is a scan of a photo of the Red Wagon Inn as it would have appeared.

Scene 1: Karen and Pegasus Begin Their Disneyland Adventure

“Pegasus! Let’s explore,” she said.

Her faithful steed mosied to Main Street. He walked carefully, so he would not bump into the other guests and the cast members dressed as Disney characters. Mickey and Minnie held hands and skipped along beside them. Donald Duck waved and squawked. Snow White waved one white-gloved hand and blew a kiss to Pegasus. He whinnied and pranced.

When they got to Main Street, a barbershop quartet standing in front of the Red Wagon Restaurant broke into the theme song from Mister Ed. Pegasus did a little dance, as they sang, “A horse is a horse, of course, of course, and no one can talk to a horse, of course, unless the horse is the famous Mister Ed!”

Karen leaned forward and whispered into his ear, “This place really is magical, and we both fit in.”

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The Healing Horse, Ch. 14, Scene 5: Karen Buys Tickets

In this scene, Karen and Pegasus exit the tram and enter Disneyland. Everyone is nice to them, and she gets their picture taken. Once again, thanks to Yesterland for their historical photos.

Scene 5: Karen Buys Tickets

When the tram stopped, Karen thanked the driver and said good-bye to the other passengers. Several of them said they hoped that she and her horse had a wonderful day.

Karen held Pegasus by his mane and led him to the line of people waiting their turn to buy tickets. When they reached the cream-colored booth, the lady inside said that Pegasus could get in for free. She pointed to a gate that Karen and her horse could use since they could not get through the turnstiles.

As soon as they got into the park, Karen spotted the Mickey Mouse flowerbed in front the Disneyland Train Station. She jumped up onto Pegasus’s back and rode to it.

“Excuse me,” she said to a passing couple. “Could you please take our picture? Here’s my camera.”

She pulled a little Brownie camera out of her bag and handed it to them. The lady took a picture and returned the camera.

“Thank you!” Karen said. “I bought this camera just for today.”

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The Healing Horse, Ch. 14, Scene 4: The Tram

In this scene, Karen once again stands up for herself and advocates for herself and her horse. She also notices that the tram driver treats her with respect, even though he notices her weak left leg. This is a big moment for her, as she grows up.

Here is a photo of what the tram might have looked like. (Thanks to for their many wonderful, historic photos of the Magic Kingdom.)

Scene 4: The Tram

After the lot attendant left, Karen heard a swoosh above her. She and Pegasus both looked up, as a streamlined monorail passed overhead, moving at high speed but with almost no noise.

“You think…” she started to say.

“No, my dear. I’d never fit,” Pegasus said.

They both laughed and stepped up onto the tram waiting area.

In a few minutes, the tram pulled up, and they heard the driver’s voice welcoming everyone aboard. He was a short, bald man.

“Hi there everybody! My name is Marty. I’ll be your driver, today, and—is that a horse?”

He frowned and looked directly at Karen. She felt nervous, but at least he was treating her like someone who could answer questions, not like a helpless kid.

“Yes, sir,” she replied. “He’s my horse. I’ll need him to get around inside Disneyland.”

He eyed her weak left leg and nodded.

“Okay,” he driver said. “That makes sense, but you know he won’t fit on the tram. He’s just too big.”

She thought fast and said, “He doesn’t have to ride. He can trot along beside the tram.”

When he heard that, the driver smiled and said, “You’re a smart girl. I like that. You have things figured out.”

Karen beamed, and the driver said to the other passengers, “Let’s have a big round of applause for this smart little girl and her horse!”

After the clapping died down, he put the tram into gear and said very quietly, “I’ll go slow, so he won’t have any trouble keeping up.”

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The Healing Horse, Ch. 14, Scene 3: The Parking Lot

This scene begins little Karen’s adventure at Disneyland. Note how she speaks up for herself, when the parking lot attendant (a very kind young lady) assumes that because she is disabled and a child, she cannot. Note also how Mama and Rocky, in spite of their best intentions, play into this false assumption.

At the same time, recognize the innate kindness of all the adults involved, and the pleasure that the Disney employee takes in helping make this special day one of enchantment for a little girl and her magical horse.

Above all, note how this twelve-year-old girl with CP manages the situation, so that she uses it to achieve her goals of making decisions and creating a special day for her spiritual mentor, without hurting anyone’s feelings. I wish real life were so easy… Thank you for reading. Please share your reflections, your reactions, your feelings, your thoughts with me in the comments.

Here is a photo of the parking lot, as it might have appeared to them. Thanks and credits to the folks at

Scene 3: The Parking Lot

An hour-and-a-half later, Rocky swung the pickup and horse trailer into the parking lot.

Mama laughed and said, “Whew! That’s a relief! I never imagined how hard it would be to get a truck and trailer through the freeway traffic. Thank you, Rocky. You were right. I never would’ve been able to do it, not on my first time driving this rig.”

Rocky started to answer, but a pretty young woman with red hair and freckles hurried up to the truck. She wore a parking lot attendant uniform. Rocky rolled down his window.

“Is that a horse trailer?” she asked. “We don’t allow people to bring horses into Disneyland.”

Rocky smiled and replied, “Yes, ma’am, that surely is a horse trailer. We’ve got a disabled child, here, and that there horse is her service animal. She’ll need ‘im to get ‘erself ‘round inside’a Disneyland.”

The young woman immediately smiled back and said, “Oh, that’s different, then. I think that’s wonderful, to have a service horse. I’m sure the girl and her horse will both have an enchanted day in the Enchanted Kingdom. Could you please pull forward? You can unload next to the tram stop.”

Rocky inched the truck forward with the attendant walking beside it. When they reached the boarding area for the tram, she guided him as he parked. Rocky, Mama, and Karen got out of the car and walked around it, so they could let Pegasus out.

The parking attendant stayed with them, and when she saw Pegasus, she said, “Oh my goodness! That’s the most beautiful horse I’ve ever seen. He looks magical. With that lavender tint, he’ll fit right in at Disneyland.”

No one said anything, but Karen thought, Is she ever right about that. This really is going to be great.

The attendant reached into a pocket in her jacket and pulled out an apple.

“Does he like apples?” she asked.

Everyone laughed, as Pegasus nodded his head up and down and opened his mouth. The attendant fed him the apple.

She asked Rocky, “Will you be staying? We have handicapped parking, and trailer parking, too.”

He shook his head, sadly, before replying, “I’m afraid not, ma’am. The boss needs me back at work.”

“Me, too,” said Mama. “My boss is a lawyer, and he’s trying to finish preparing for a big case, so he can take tomorrow off to be with his family. He needs me to help him.”

The attendant smiled at Karen and asked, “Will the little, disabled girl be okay on her own?”

Mama and Tex started to answer, but Karen decided. She made the decision that she needed to speak for herself.

She stepped out in front of them and said, “I’ll be just fine. This whole adventure is about me learning to make my own decisions, and about my horse getting a day of fun. I don’t need any help. Besides, Pegasus will be with me all the way.”

Mama said, “Oh, my Krana Layala, I’m so proud of you. Rocky and I’ll be back right after the four o’clock parade ends. See you then!”

She and Karen hugged, then Rocky and Mama climbed back into the truck and waved good-bye as they drove off.

“Thank you, kind lady,” Karen said to the attendant. “I’m sure I can take it from here.”

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The Healing Horse, Ch 14., Scene 2: Rocky Helps Pegasus Board the Horse Trailer

In this scene, a surprising misunderstanding erupts between Pegasus and Karen. As soon as they resolve it, they realize that they need help maneuvering the huge pickup truck and horse trailer through Christmas Eve Los Angeles freeway traffic.

Scene 2: Rocky Helps Pegasus Board the Horse Trailer 

When her Mama parked in the ranch’s gravel lot, Karen felt her heart sink as her ears heard the sounds of conflict.

“What do you mean, I have to get into the horse trailer? She’s not getting rid of me, is she?”

Pegasus’ voice carried to her through the still, early morning air.

“I don’t know,” came Rocky’s reply. “She just said to load you into the trailer by seven-thirty. I don’t know what she’s thinking.”

“Oh, Mama, what have I done?” Karen asked, as she leaped from the car and ran toward the horse trailer hooked up behind Tex’s big truck.

When she reached it, Karen paused for a deep breath and wished she had thought farther ahead. She had never dreamed that Pegasus would react to Rocky loading him into the horse trailer, but now she realized that his only ride in the trailer had been to Tex’s ranch, so of course he would see the next ride as away from the ranch, away from her, and into some dark oblivion, like the abandoned carousel.

“Wait,” she said. “Pegasus, I don’t want to get rid of you. I would never do that. I wanted to give you a special surprise as a thank-you for everything you’ve done for me. I wanted to take you to Disneyland for a day, so we could enjoy the Enchanted Kingdom, together. I am so sorry I made you scared! I never intended to frighten you, boy.”

She saw that her words had touched him, and that he understood she had not meant to alarm him.

“An enchanted kingdom?” he asked. “I do not know anything about it, but it sounds lovely and like the right place for you and for me. Let’s go!”

She watched as Pegasus walked into the trailer, and Rocky closed the doors.

“Ms. Katie,” he said to Mama, “Who’s gonna drive this here rig?”

Mama replied, “Tex said I could.”

Rocky frowned and paused before saying, “Tex grew up drivin’ a pickup an’ towin’ critters, so t’his waya thinkin’, everybody can do that. But it ain’t true, ma’am. Y’all don’t wanna make your first run through LA freeway traffic. I know how important this here adventure is to your Kitten’s development, ‘n’ I’d hate to see it go wrong on all y’all. Why don’t I do the drivin’, an’ you do the motherin’, and we can leave the funnin’ to Karen ‘n’ her hoss?”

“Thanks, Rocky,” Mama said with a smile. “To tell the truth, I was a little nervous about driving, myself.”

“OK,” he said. “Gimme me a minute to let Tex know I’ll be gone fer a while.”

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The Healing Horse, Ch. 14: The Passenger, Scene 1: Early Christmas Eve

Chapter 14 covers the trip from home to the moment when Karen and Pegasus enter Disneyland. The trip itself involves many challenges that they must overcome, but first the two ladies dress for a holiday. The chapter title refers to Pegasus.

Scene 1: Early Christmas Eve

The days passed, and each night before tucking herself into bed she marked a big red X on her calendar. At last, Christmas Eve arrived, and school got out for the holidays. This was the big day.

Karen and Mama both wanted to look stylish at Disneyland. They did not want anyone thinking that their majestic Pegasus was with dowdy people.

Early in the morning, Karen pulled on a pair of high-waisted blue jeans and an azure blue Disney t-shirt with a light blue cotton cardigan over it. She knew the morning air would be chilly. The front of her shirt quoted Walt Disney, “A wish is a dream your heart makes.” To support her feet and ankles, she wore white, high-topped sneakers, because she knew she would be walking a lot. Mama tied Karen’s thick, brown hair back into a ponytail that hung down her back. She herself wore a white short-sleeved cotton blouse with blue jeans, a brown belt, and black leather flat pumps. Before they left the house, they stood together in front of the hallway mirror.

“My Krana Layala, I think we look great! We’ll be the belles of the ball!”

They laughed and held hands, as they skipped down the front steps to the car.

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