The Healing Horse, Ch. 10, Scene 1: Sunday Morning. Karen and Mama Get Ready to Visit Pegasus

Karen and Mama clean the house and get ready to visit Pegasus at his new home—the ranch. As Karen waits for her Mama to get dressed, she starts to fidget, but then she reminds herself that she needs to work on her health and strength, not just for herself, but for her horse.

Scene 1: Sunday Morning. Karen and Mama Get Ready to Visit Pegasus

The next morning came fast. Mama had a plan. Karen and she would quickly clean the house, and then she could spend the afternoon with Pegasus, while Mama bought groceries and ran errands. Karen used her strong right hand to vacuum and dust, while Mama cleaned the kitchen. By eleven, they were done.

Karen made sure she was ready before Mama was. She put on her new riding outfit, and just as she expected, the pearl snap buttons on the shirt were easy for her to close. In the living room, Karen squirmed in an overstuffed chair. Five minutes crept by, but Mama was still not ready. Karen told herself to stop fidgeting, and turned her attention to how she could make the most of the day.

Now that her magical horse was fully alive, she committed every millisecond of her life to him, so using her time with Pegasus had become critical to recovering and developing her own strength. Her in-tandem exercises would be her secret way to success. She could incorporate aerobic exercise into having fun with Pegasus. In addition to improving her balance by riding him, she could strengthen her legs by walking him. She could stretch her muscles while he rested. She would not waste a moment. Now that she had him back, she needed to get her health back on track. He needed her to be strong, and she needed to become stronger for herself.

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The Healing Horse, Ch. 9, Scene 09: The Western Riding Outfit

Long story short—Karen wanted to stay with Pegasus, but Mama wanted her to go home and rest. Then, in a surprise move, Mama realized her girl would need a new wardrobe for the ranch. She couldn’t very well ride her Arabian while dressed in school playground clothes.

Want to see what the outfit looked like? Check this out! Change the colors of the shirt to lavender and purple, and the model to twelve-year-old brunette me, and this would be it (minus the lip gloss and the glamour…)

Scene 09: The Western Riding Outfit

Even though she did not feel like going shopping, on the way home she and Mama stopped at a western store so Mama could buy her a couple of new outfits. They got several pairs of riding jeans, some purple and lavender plaid western shirts with pearl snaps that she could work with one hand, a short indigo jacket that matched the jeans, a big lavender western hat to protect her face from the sun, and a pair of tan horse-riding gloves. When they got home, Mama cut the fingers and thumbs off the gloves, so Karen could get them on by herself.

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The Healing Horse, Ch. 9, Scene 08: Pegasus at the Ranch

Soon after they reach the ranch and unload Pegasus from the trailer, Mama says it is time to go. They are all tired from the day, but little Karen wants to stay so she can regain her equipoise in the presence of Pegasus.

Scene 08: Pegasus at the Ranch

“We’re here, Mama! We’re here! Let’s help Tex get Pegasus out of the trailer!”

“I’m glad to see you happy, again!” Mama said with her compassionate smile, as they hurried to the trailer, hand-in-hand.

“Easy, Pegasus, this is your new home,” Tex said, as he backed Pegasus out of the trailer and handed Karen the reins.

She followed Tex through a gate in the white horse fence. He explained that the small pasture they entered was especially for new horses. It gave them a safe place where they could get used to the ranch, and it was close to the house, so Tex could keep an eye on them.

Karen followed Pegasus around the pasture while he grazed, and Mama asked Tex about the daily routine of the ranch. She wanted to learn what she needed to do as a responsible horse owner.

The shadows cast by the trees grew longer as the sun lowered in the sky. Mama excused herself from Tex.

“Karen,” she called. “It’s almost the end of the day. You and Pegasus must be exhausted after sleeping in the garage, last night, and then all the driving around, today. I think you both need a good night’s rest, and then you can visit, tomorrow.”

“I guess so,” Karen said.

“Say your goodbyes, Kitten,” Mama added. “We will come back, tomorrow.”

Karen put her arm around Pegasus’ neck and whispered into his ear, “I’m really looking forward to our daily visits, Pegasus. It will be so nice coming to call on you everyday, just like at the carousel, except now you’re real.”

Even though she forced herself to sound cheerful, Karen was trying hard to balance her inside self. She did not want to leave. She wanted to unwind, settle down and hang out with Pegasus. She needed time with Pegasus to regain her equipoise after the anxiety and activity of the day, but she knew she had to leave.

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The Healing Horse, Ch. 9, Scene 07: Karen and Mama Follow Tex to the Ranch

Though Karen stresses over whether Pegasus will like the ranch, the beauty and serenity of its setting soothe her worries away.

Scene 07: Karen and Mama Follow Tex to the Ranch

She and Mama climbed into the Bel Air, put on their seat belts, and headed toward the stables. Driving fast, Mama quickly caught up with the red truck.

“Look, Mama! You can see Pegasus in the trailer!” Karen shouted.

Mama said that was good, but then they fell into silence. Karen’s mood sank as she worried about whether Pegasus would like the ranch and get along with real horses as well as he got along with wooden ones. She watched for landmarks—buildings, billboards, points of interest—to help her estimate how much further they had to go. The drive seemed much longer than it had, before.

At last, they left the main road and drove up into the hills. Turn after sharp turn, they passed the creek, the grassy hills and the sumptuous oak trees. The intense beauty brought stillness to Kitten’s soul. With each twist and bend, fresh air fluttered through the open window and onto her face. Like the scenery, it helped her let go. Its coolness renewed her energetic nature, and the same coolness soothed her soul.

Soon, she saw the watering hole and the Sierra Nevada Stables sign. Her face lit up in a smile, and her bubbly attitude returned, as Mama followed the horse trailer into the gravel parking lot.

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The Healing Horse, Ch. 9, Scene 06: Tex and Pegasus Head for the Ranch

As Karen and Mama prepare for Pegasus’ trip to his new home at the ranch, they discover that not only has he come fully alive, but Karen now owns a pair of magical cowboy boots.

Scene 06: Tex and Pegasus Head for the Ranch

Kitten and Pegasus walked proudly around the side of the house to the front curb. Tex and Rocky had already opened the gate at the back of the trailer.

Karen stroked Pegasus’ main and whispered, “You’ll be fine, Pegasus. Don’t be frightened. Mama and I will be right behind you. I promise!”

Tex looked Pegasus over, and then touched his mane.

“Don’t fret, Pegasus. I’ll take good care of you, and you’ll be happy as a gopher in soft dirt at the ranch.”

Walking slowly around the horse, he said to Kitten, “I’ll just untie your boots ‘fore we go. Wouldn’t want ‘em banged up in the trailer.”

Karen remembered the boots that had been carved into Pegasus’ saddle. Could they have become real, too? Her question was answered as Tex handled her a pair of beautiful, lavender cowboy boots with blue stars and magenta trim. They matched Pegasus’ saddle, exactly.

She thanked him. Pegasus and Mama remained silent.

Taking the reins and clucking with his tongue, Tex led Pegasus into the trailer and latched the gate before returning to his truck. Karen and Mama said they would follow along, shortly.

He replied, “I’m gonna be drivin’ slow, so y’all should get to the ranch right behind me. We’ll unload Pegasus and put ‘im into a pasture all by himself, so he can relax and graze. We may be gettin’ a storm blowin’ through, tonight, so we’ll move him into his stall before dark. There’s just one other thing. How’s he do with other horses?”

Karen did not know what to say. She looked at Mama who replied, “He loves other horses. He was great friends with all the horses in the herd he was with. They were really in sync with each other.”

Tex smiled. “That’s good, but for now we’ll give ’im a chance to get settled afore we introduce him to the others. I’ll see you at the ranch!”

As Karen watched Tex drive away, she smiled and turned to Mama.

“Look at these tall Texas boots, Mama. They’re real, now, too. Just like Pegasus. They’re not wood, anymore. Should I try them on?”

Mama said, “First a carousel horse comes alive, now you’re getting magic boots. Why not? Then we should go.”

Karen took off her high-topped sneakers and pulled on the boots. They fit perfectly.

“Okay,” she said. “I’m ready for anything. Let’s go!”

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The Healing Horse, Ch. 9, Scene 05: The Horse-Moving Truck Arrives

After Karen and Pegasus set their resolve to deal with their fears and get on with life, Tex and Rocky arrive to move him to his new home on the ranch.

Scene 05: The Horse-Moving Truck Arrives

The roar of a diesel engine interrupted their reverie. Karen snapped out of her sorrowful contemplation and ran to the sidewalk, waving her strong right arm. This had to be Tex with the horse truck.

“Here we are!” she called over the roaring exhaust of the red four-wheel drive pickup. It pulled a matching red horse trailer, and both had the words Sierra Nevada Stables written on them in gold.
Tex waved back at her, as he pulled to the curb and turned off the engine. He and Rocky climbed down from the cab. Tex gave her his broad, gentle smile.

“Have you come to pick up my horse?” she asked. “He’s in the backyard, Tex. I’ll go get him for you and call my Mama.”

As Karen ran toward the back yard, she saw Mama open the house’s screen door.

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The Healing Horse, Ch. 9, Scene 04: Karen Struggles with Separation Anxiety

This scene describes the early afternoon—a quick lunch followed by a heart-to-heart talk between Karen and Pegasus. She is afraid of losing touch with him, even though she knows she will not. He is afraid of living life as a real horse on a ranch with other horses. But their courage carries them forward.

Scene 04: Karen Struggles with Separation Anxiety

In their driveway, Mama and Karen climbed out of the car and looked for Pegasus. He was grazing in the backyard. Karen brought him more water and the bagel. She and Mama sat in the shade under the picnic table umbrella to eat theirs. Mama ate quickly and went into the house to do some cleaning.

With Mama gone, Kitten told Pegasus about the ranch. He stopped grazing and listened carefully, but his only reply was to say that it sounded nice. Karen felt drowsy in the warm afternoon air. Sluggishly, her eyelids fluttered. She did not feel like talking, either. The fatigue from a night spent on the garage floor followed by a day of questing for a stable weighed heavily on her.

She lay on the patio chaise lounge. Gazing into the blue sky, she realized how much time had passed since the carousel had been demolished and her strength had almost failed. The leaves on the mountain trees at the ranch had already turned red and yellow, but until today she had not noticed the change of seasons. She had been focused on rescuing Pegasus.

Since meeting her equine mentor, she had diligently worked at putting her spiritual insights into practice. Even during the agony of their separation, she had trained herself to live in the here and now, and to take each moment as it came while believing in a promising future. Now, however, she found her mind filled with ugly images from her recent past. She saw the demolished carousel and the beautiful horses thrown into a pile. She saw Pegasus at the end of a dark tunnel, and felt herself alone without a spiritual mentor. The gated fence, the horses, and the look on Joshua’s face when he told her that the carousel was being closed haunted her.

Knowing the truth of how her consciousness interacted with her life experience, she put forth her mightiest effort to change how she reacted to the past and to the present. Her mind cleared. On the one hand, she was happy for her mentor. He had achieved transformation into a living being, and now she was doing her part by making sure he received proper care and lived in a suitable home for a spiritual being. On the other hand, she was sad because he would be leaving her home. After all the months of yearning, she had spent less than twenty-four hours with her stallion. She reminded herself that Mama had committed. She would take her to the ranch at least once every day.

Opening her eyes and getting up from the chaise, she walked to Pegasus. He seemed taller than he had been when she rode him home. He looked more like a real horse every time she looked at him.

Is he still changing, becoming more alive?

In her heart, she sensed his apprehension. Like her, he was consciously staying calm as he dealt with his transformation and the changes that came with it. She wanted to keep her own fear to herself, but suspected that he had already sensed it.

He raised his head as she stroked his neck.

They both asked, “Are you all right?” at the same moment.

“You first,” Karen said.

Pegasus whinnied, as if to clear his throat.

“I’m apprehensive about this move,” he confessed. “Life in a living body is quite different from what I am used to. I never thought I would actually come alive. Now, I will be moving to a real ranch, where I will live with other real horses and cowboys, too. Part of me wants to stay in your garage for a while. I feel vulnerable and out of place. Nevertheless, I know what my purpose is, and that is to be your spiritual mentor, so I am not complaining. How about you?”

Karen replied that she had not thought that he would ever come alive, or that she would ever have a real horse in her life, much less a talking spiritual horse. She explained her own mixed feelings about his moving to the ranch.

“No matter where you live, I will always be a part of your life, and you will always be a part of mine. I rescued you from the demolished carousel, and you are leading me to a better life in the real world. I will always be as grateful for you as you are for me.”

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The Healing Horse, Ch. 9, Scene 03: Spotting Joshua

The story grows more magical as Karen glimpses Joshua, and he gives her a thumbs up sign.

Scene 03: Spotting Joshua

From the shop they had only three more blocks to go. As they waited at a traffic light, Karen saw Joshua strolling along the sidewalk beside them. He doffed his cowboy hat, winked his eye, and smiled broadly while giving her the thumbs up sign.

“Pleasureful!” he called to her before disappearing around a corner.

“Pleasureful,” whispered Kitten to herself. He must live around here. I wanted to show him Pegasus and introduce him to Mama, but maybe I’ll see him, again.

“Why does this ride feel so magical?” Mama asked Kitten.

“Pegasus,” she could only sigh in reply.

Mama had not seen or heard Joshua.

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The Healing Horse, Ch. 9, Scene 02: Bagels on Broadway

Mama always plans ahead, and she always has a plan for whatever happens. In this scene, she reassures Karen that she already has a plan so that the little girl can visit her magical horse every day of the week.

Scene 02: Bagels on Broadway

After creeping through the downtown Santa Monica traffic, Mama stopped at their favorite bagel shop, and Karen confronted a new fear.

As Mama turned off the motor, Kitten blurted out, “Mama, I’m worried that I won’t get to see Pegasus, every day. The ranch is so far from home. Are you going to be able to drive me back and forth every day after school? And what about weekends? Can I spend all day Saturday and Sunday with Pegasus? Will that be too much for you?”

To her surprise, Mama replied with a smile and said, “I’ve already planned for that, my Krana Layala, and I think it will be fine. Instead of you riding the bus home from school, I can pick you up and take you to visit Pegasus. We won’t be able to stay for a long time, but we can definitely do it and still get you home for dinner, homework, and a good night’s sleep. On the weekends, you can spend all the time you want with him. I can drop you off and go about my day, then pick you up in time to go home for dinner. You’ll miss out on your bus ride home, but you can always visit with your bus friends in the morning. How does that sound to you?”

“Mama, I should’ve known you would think of something.”

“Like I always say, you have to plan ahead, sweetheart. If you think things through, you can usually find a way to get what you want. Now, lets get some lunch and then get Pegasus to his new home.”

In the shop, Mama bought them each a bagel with a schmear of cream cheese to eat at home. Karen insisted on a honey wheat bagel for Pegasus, too.

“But no cream cheese,” she told the bagel man.

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The Healing Horse, Ch. 9: To the Ranch

In Chapter 9, Kitten and her Mama return home to wait until Tex comes to take Pegasus to the ranch. On the way, Karen sees a familiar face and wonders if there is a connection, but that won’t be for several more scenes.

Scene 01: Driving

Mama glanced at the dashboard clock, and said, “It’s one o’clock, and I haven’t done our grocery shopping for the week. We need to pick up some food for lunch on the way home.”

She drove slowly down the gravel lane and under the tall ranch sign. On the blacktop road, she speeded up a little, and they glided past the watering hole in serene silence. She knew she was on time. Karen tried to hold onto the peaceful feeling of knowing that Pegasus now had a beautiful home, but she knew what was on Mama’s mind.

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