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Paying the Bills During COVID-19: Tips for People with Disabilities by Jillian Day

Photo via Pexels [Editor’s note: Jillian Day created to help people all across the web make their sites accessible to individuals with disabilities. She was inspired to start when a close family member, who happens to have a

Failing to Gain

In most of our daily activities, people with disabilities can accomplish whatever they set their minds to. But it’s important to remember that winning and competing is not always the goal. And while listening to and following other people’s suggestions

What Do You See?

It’s not easy to hear words from others that sting, injure, or humiliate, and that may hurtle you into change. It seems as though the words hurt so badly, glaring right at you. And whether we like it or not,

Whispers of Hope Receives 2016 Best of Torrance Award

Torrance Award Program Honors the Achievement TORRANCE May 18, 2016 — Whispers of Hope has been selected for the 2016 Best of Torrance Award in the Yoga Studio category by the Torrance Award Program. Each year, the Torrance Award Program

Classes for All

Dear Friends, I’d like to bring to your attention an article written by two dear friends that I know. Ms. Leslie Fanelli and Mr. Sean Dineen. They bring to the community of Millburn, New Jersey, the enriching, inspiring, applauded program,

A Relationship

What have you wanted but not received from your teachers, your counselors, your therapists, your aids and from others you’ve worked with for years? What is vital to your growth and development as a person with cerebral palsy? I want

Our Destination

Where are you bound? What is your plan? Where are you headed? People with cerebral palsy have dreams to fulfill, too. Have you put one on your list of goals to achieve today, or on your bucket list to check

Establishing Ourselves as Communicators

It is often said that individuals with cerebral palsy have trouble communicating what we feel. It is said that we have scattered thoughts, but that is because we have interests in many areas of life. It is also said that

Learned Consciousness

Many times in our lives, we’ve been taught to feel despair, whether we have cerebral palsy or not. Time and again, we feel the lack of hope because people in our lives make us feel incompetent and less than. That is

Ways to be Kind and Honest

  Too often, as disabled people with Cerebral Palsy, we forget how much our lives interact with others.  While we may be sizzling at what someone else has said or done, there are two ways to look at, and deal