“…guide for parents whose kids are diagnosed with ADHD…”

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I recently received an email from Tara Worsham, the founder of OnlineSafetyKids.com – Helping you to PROTECT your kids online,

Her website is not quite ready, yet, but I wanted to share some useful information for parents whose kids have ADHD. The link in her email, quoted below, is to a list of apps to help people stay on track. Most of these will work for anyone with a lot going on in life, not just for people who have trouble directing their mental focus.

Here is Tara’s email to me (lightly edited), and we have added the link she recommended to our page of Special Needs Resources.

Big thanks to Tara!

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I’m Tara, a mother of two beautiful sons. Recently, I noticed that my elder son can’t concentrate during online classes or sit still while doing homework. So, I’ve decided to do a little research about symptoms of ADHD before taking him to a therapist….

I checked your resources as well and didn’t find what I needed. I kept searching for the best guide for parents, and here it is!

This amazing guide for parents whose kids are diagnosed with ADHD (with tips and recommended apps)

I thought you could add it to your resources to help many parents like me.
I’m sure your readers would appreciate it! We need to help each other in giving our kids the best childhood.


Thanks a lot for your work!


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