The Healing Horse, Ch. 19, Scene 3: Riding to the Bus

image of sun taken through special solar telescopeFacing a fear can involve two steps. One is facing the emotion itself. The other is facing the danger that brought it on. In this scene, little Kitten continues the process of facing them, then backing away, then facing them again. But she never gives up or gives in. She goes through the process with her spiritual mentor at her side. (Image of the sun by Dylan O’Donnell,, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Scene 3: Riding to the Bus

As she stepped into the morning sun, she felt Pegasus’ eyes upon her. He waited outside the kitchen door. She tried to smile, but the best she could do was to return his loving gaze with a glum stare.

“It’s too bad you can’t come with me to school, boy. It sure would help me feel stronger,” she said, trying to steer her mind in a positive direction.

“I wish I could,” he said with a smile, “but I don’t think the bus driver has any oats for me. If I could go to school, I would teach the students and adults how to treat people with compassion. For now, let me give you a ride to the bus.”

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