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The Healing Horse, Ch. 41, Scene 3: Reflecting with Pegasus

I love Pegasus. Don’t you? Symbol of a benevolent power who can lift us up, uplift us, on his broad back and with his powerful wings, someone who carries us aloft into the sky, where we can realize our dreams.

The Healing Horse, Ch. 41, Scene 2: The Speech

For Karen, graduating high school meant not only leaving her childhood behind, but beginning her career as a teacher and therapist. In dance and fitness, she would eventually revolutionize services to people with disabilities and inspire a new generation of

The Healing Horse, Ch. 41, Scene 1: Commencement and a Surprise

Chapter 41 tells the story of Karen’s graduation from high school. It starts with a big surprise. Next week, you can read about how she deals with it. [Image by AlexBuck328, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons] Scene 1: Commencement

The Healing Horse, Ch. 21, Scene 5: Alone in a Classroom

After the torment of hearing Mrs. Pinzetti disparage her and plot against her friend, Tammy, Karen goes to an empty classroom for a tutorial. Unfortunately, the school cannot afford to provide a tutor, so she studies alone. As always, she

This Able Team Interview, Part 3

This is my third post about my interview with This Able Team. The transcript follows and you can read it on their Instagram, too. Just click here. Be sure to read their other posts, too, especially with Dr. Sean P.

The Healing Horse, Ch. 17, Scene 3: Karen Positions Herself

  In this scene, Karen tries to wait patiently for the treasure hunt to start, and we learn a little about leg brace design and the assumptions that doctors and medical device designers made about children with cerebral palsy. The

The Healing Horse Ch 2, Sc 5: Lipstick

Mama knew that if she had to do my homework for me, or coach me through every step of it, then it was not teaching me anything but dependence. Typically, when she finally exploded, she directed her frustration at its

Disability Rights THEN AND NOW ft. Judy Heumann, Katherine Perez & Marc Climaco

August 6, 2020 This is a wonderful new YouTube from Judy Heumann and friends about how disability rights have changed over the years. And I know they have changed because they changed for me, and I helped change them. Please

Separate But Equal is Not Equal

August 5, 2020 In 1976, I began the first civil rights lawsuit that required universities and colleges to admit people with disabilities. The case was settled in California, in 1979, but it set a precedent that took effect across the

Keeping Up Your Morale–A Post from Audacity Magazine

July 30, 2020 Nathasha Alvarez is the founder of Audacity Magazine, one of my favorite publications, and she is someone I made friends with along the way.  She herself uses a wheelchair, but she doesn’t let that or anything else