The Healing Horse, Ch. 41, Scene 3: Reflecting with Pegasus

Photo of golden statue of Pegasus atop a famous hstorical building in France

I love Pegasus. Don’t you? Symbol of a benevolent power who can lift us up, uplift us, on his broad back and with his powerful wings, someone who carries us aloft into the sky, where we can realize our dreams. In this final dramatic scene of The Healing Horse, he imparts more wisdom as Kitten, my younger self, launches her adult career. 

But please stay tuned. There is more excitement in the drama of my life to be revealed a week from today!

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Scene 3: Reflecting with Pegasus

The next afternoon, during a break from teaching, Karen sat on a stump outside the red barn and relished the warm summer sun. Pegasus stood beside her, watching the road for the next carload of children coming for dance lessons.

“Kitten, looking back over the years, I am amazed the time has gone by so fast. You were a little girl when we met, and now you are a dance mentor, like Gilberto was to you.”

“You’re right, boy. It has not been easy having disabilities, but I have learned not to take things for granted. I have learned to give an honest effort in every situation. I have pledged myself to others unconditionally. I am forever grateful.”

“And I am grateful to be part of your life.”

“In my journey, which all started with you, my wondrous Pegasus and your exquisite broken hoof, I have been gifted with improved self-esteem, respect of self and others, and a positive appreciation for a diverse community. I have come to uphold the beauty of the disabled form. I have been fortunate enough to pass on these gifts to others. I am proud of my disabilities. I am a viable part of humankind. I don’t have to be a famous inspiration, although the world has beheld many outstanding folks with disabilities. Simply being an asset to my community is plenty—that is how human history becomes great.”

“You are so right, Kitten. There is nothing wrong and everything right with having a physical limitation or an outer shell that looks different from the so-called normal person. What is normal, anyway? Each person is unique, so unique that each of us is extraordinary. You are a contributing part of the whole.”

“Thank you, my friend. Initially, I found my strength through the gentle, encouraging attitudes of Mama, Joshua, Tammy, Gilberto, Miss Natalie, and you. Their kind and caring words and deeds strengthened and grounded my soul. And your unwavering support helped me become more constructive, more confident, and more optimistic in a world that sorely needs optimism. I learned that attitude was just about everything in life. It was how I looked at situations, how I thought, and how I reacted to the world around me that mattered most. As long as I put forth a steadfast, enthusiastic effort, I can and will face anything.”

These thoughts illuminated Karen’s heart and revealed the great intangibles that matter most in life: Understanding, Compassion, and Intuitive Action. She knew she was not alone, and that she would assist everyone who came her way and needed her help.

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