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The Healing Horse, Ch. 20, Scene 5: Reflecting with Pegasus

In this scene, Kitten has a spiritual breakthrough, as she realizes that she has learned to set her own standards. She no longer has to fear failing to meet the standards of the authorities who control much of her life,

The Healing Horse, Ch. 20, Scene 4: Tammy Understands

After enduring the disdain and disrespect of the school psychologist, little Karen turns to her friend, Tammy, for comfort. (Painting “Rain” by Vincent van Gogh, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.) Scene 4: Tammy Understands On the way home from school,

The Healing Horse, Ch. 20, Scene 3: Walking Back to Class

In spite of her defeat at the hands of the psychologist, little Kitten does not give up on herself. She knows that this is a time when she will need support from her friends, and rather than giving in to

Shout Out for Sean Dineen’s New Podcast

My friend, Sean P. Dineen, has begun podcasting. He and his friend, Bill Weaver, are doing a show about strange things you did not know. These are things like strange laws and little-known facts from history. Did you know that

The Healing Horse, Ch 20, Scene 2: Testing

In physics, the observer effect describes how measuring something can change it. In psychology, there is a similar effect, in which the attitude and instruments of the psychologist can change the behavior of the person being tested. In this scene,

The Healing Horse, Ch. 20, Scene 1: Following Dr. Muñoz

Chapter 20 is all about how psychological testing can go wrong, about how a psychologist’s prejudice against a child with disabilities can turn an evaluation into a trial, in which the psychologist is judge and jury, and the school then

The Healing Horse, Ch. 19, Scene 11: Mrs. Pinzetti

You can probably guess from this short scene introducing a new character, that she will turn out to be much darker in spirit than she first appears. Read on… (Image by sarakgraves via Pixabay.) Scene 11: Mrs. Pinzetti As the

This Able Team Interview, Part 2: Why I Founded Whispers of Hope

This is my second post about my interview with This Able Team. The transcript follows and you can read it on their Instagram, too. Just click here. Be sure to read their other posts, too, especially with Dr. Sean P.

The Healing Horse, Ch. 19, Scene 10: Maneki Neko

In this scene, little Kitten learns to tie her shoelaces, which is a challenge for many people, but remember that she has to do it with only one hand. (Image by Searobin, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons) Scene 10:

The Healing Horse, Ch. 19, Scene 9: Miss Kimiko and Making a Stronger Left Hand

This scene introduces a positive character, who counterbalances the twisted Mrs. Schmidt that we just met. Occupational therapists use all sorts of creative ways to help people of all ages improve their lives. For more about what they do, click