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Reflections of My Heart: Divine Cruelty

In my heart, sometime between 1980 and 1983, those hard years for me, I attuned myself to hearing when people became cruel and willfully caused pain, emotional hurt, and trauma. Today, I can pick it up immediately. Nothing can ever

Reflections of My Heart: Days

One day in 1984, as I sat in the stillness of my home, alone and pondering my life, I thought of my past and whether I would ever have the opportunities non-disabled people took for granted. Here I was in

Reflections of My Heart: Dawn Rises No More

I wrote this poem in 1982, a time when I felt as if my years on this earth, and everything I did to prove myself, ripened only intermittently, as if my discipline and effort meant nothing. I got occasional glimpses

Reflections of My Heart: Darkened Seas

Once again, I coped with the blows of life, the inability to make my dreams happen. It was 1984, not the novel but the year, but just as gloomy as the book. The gray sea expressed how I felt inwardly.

Reflections of My Heart: Crying Rain

I wrote this haiku, back in 1984. It was a weekend, after studying. We were at my home in West Hollywood this time. Since Robert and I both loved walking in the gentle rain, and it was only a five-minute

Reflections of My Heart: Crossing Boundaries

I wrote this poem for a friend of over twenty years. Then his life became consumed with trouble and he disappeared. He could not allow me to comfort him or give him support. Then one day, four years ago, when

Reflections of My Heart: Coverlet

While in college, I read Wenonah’s Blanket by Peggy Elaine Browning, about a coverlet that kept people safe from hurt and harm. The story warmed my heart, and after reading it, every time I went though a life-altering experience, I

Reflections of My Heart: Convicted

One day, back in 1983, I drove alone in my car from college back to home. This was months after I began writing my life’s story. At the time, I called it The Broken Hoof, and when I finished, it

Reflections of My Heart: Constellations

One night, a violet star illuminated the sky above me. It shone brilliantly and honestly, a bright light that guided me as I took action and made myself into me, the person no one saw. It guided me into taking

Reflections of My Heart: Circle of Friends

I wrote this poem to a dear friend. He was the first person, in a long time, to hear my call, to take me under his wing, and to help me shine.  He was true. He did not spout words