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The Healing Horse, Ch 2, Scene 3: Struggling

As a first-grader, I had no idea why I could not recall what I read. The other kids could. Why couldn’t I? Fortunately, I did not let myself become discouraged, so after some hard times, I did eventually learn to

The Healing Horse, Ch 2, Scene 2: A House with a Window

When I got into first grade, my Mama quickly discovered that my way of perceiving things was different from what my teachers thought of as normal. She knew I was smart, but she also knew I would need help with

Title: The Healing Horse, Ch 2, Sc 1: Story time and disappearing words

By the time I began school, I was able to walk, but then a new issue appeared. I could not remember words, so I could not develop the most basic academic skill I would need to succeed as an adult.

The Healing Horse, Ch 1 Disaster Strikes, Scene 3: Birthday Party Tears

As I warned you, things did get worse, before they got better. In real life, my father did not pass away until I was in my teens, but I put it earlier in the story to show what a struggle

Ch 1: Disaster Strikes. Scene 2: At the Hospital

Today’s scene is very short, but it still means a lot to me. Mama never left my bedside, while I was in the hospital–and I never gave up, when I regained consciousness and went home. Even as a toddler, I

Introducing My Forthcoming Novel: The Healing Horse

When I was in college, I published my first novel The Broken Hoof and won a literary award for it. Now, I am completely rewriting it and will soon (I hope) publish it as The Healing Horse. Like the first

Creation and Achievement by Dr. Sean P. Dineen and Karen Lynn-Chlup

“What have you accomplished?” This sardonic question asked by non-disabled people seems to sum up a lifetime of exploration and endurance. This is the only community that still, in our day and age, struggles. This community of cerebral palsy folks,

A Week of Bliss by Dr. Sean Patrick Dineen

[A note from Karen: Sean was kind enough to write this piece, last fall, and I am posting it now as a reminder of the great times we had, and in hope of more great times to come, after this

The Trip I took to the East Coast to Speak for our People

Three weeks ago, I took a most rewarding journey that is now changing the course of my life. It has all happened because of the tenacious action I have pursued continuously throughout my life. For the last three years, I

How Does the Disability Community Fit In?

For the last few day’s I have been thinking, mulling over, and contemplating ideas about what I should write next for the issue of this magazine. Then I talked with one of my disabled colleagues and discussed the kind of