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The Trip I took to the East Coast to Speak for our People

Three weeks ago, I took a most rewarding journey that is now changing the course of my life. It has all happened because of the tenacious action I have pursued continuously throughout my life. For the last three years, I

How Does the Disability Community Fit In?

For the last few day’s I have been thinking, mulling over, and contemplating ideas about what I should write next for the issue of this magazine. Then I talked with one of my disabled colleagues and discussed the kind of

Guidelines: How to Treat a Person with Cerebral Palsy

Guidelines: How to Treat a Person with Cerebral Palsy  A person with C.P. would like to be treated like every other “normal” human being.  A person with C.P. wants to be treated with dignity and respect.  A person

The Birth of a Magazine

What does it feel like to give birth to something that no one else has ever conceived of? And what does it feel like to bring to the forefront idea’s that could change disabled men and women’s lives for ever?

The Blues: is it in the Disability Community, Too?

Often, the reality of our disabilities can lead to an increased instance of depression. Our physical scars may have heeled, but the physiological and sociological have not. Ninety-nine people out of one hundred and forty-four; according to a recent study

The Priceless Penny

Isn’t it interesting, that still, in today’s society, we find indentations and grooves chiseled out in our expansive society which tries to prevent and stop our disabled population, our seniors, our financially limited person, and the less affluent from truly

What is in a Word

“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet. “That which we call a rose by any other name smell as sweet.” I ask you, what do you think of the word Handicap? How does it affect you? How

Psychology and the Study of Sensibility

The greatest challenge that we all face within the disabled community, is the understanding of the psychological make up of those in authority with which we much deal with. Day in, and day out, throughout our lives, we encounter people

Modalities: The Means and Method of Attaining and Learning

In our society today, our school systems are overly programmed. They are out-ofdate, outmoded, and obsolete; lacking with an old-fashion appeal from the fifties, lending, little support services to really help anyone at all. Our children are suffering and paying

Assumptions & Arrogance

After another year winds to a close, I have often been moved deeply. The years, months, days and hours past through my heart and mind like a stamp stuck on paper. It takes me back to all those moments and