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Incident Under Investigation

It was 1976, a day like all others.  I was 25 years old, walking out of a beige and brown stucco building from a meeting that just ended with California Department of Rehabilitation.   What was different was that I had

Dolls in Power

We have often noticed that the attitudes of the public towards people with disabilities can vary. We have not looked at our own attitudes towards the world and its impact. We haven’t looked at what we do and what we

Generations of Perception

Sitting in the quiet solitude of my own four walls, my mind and thoughts will gently carry me back to very clear images of my past. These vivid memories are a touch tone towards greater understanding and healing of past

A Trip of Thanksgiving

Three weeks ago, I sailed the pacific seas to the Gulf of Mexico. I stopped in the ports of: Cabo San Lucas, Loreto, Guaymas, Topolobampo, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, and Puerto Vallarta.  This was an unexpected trip, to a part of the

Peering Eyes Watching

When I sit quietly, and think over my life, as a rebel, advocate, and activist with a cause, I remember certain residue of the most frustrating aspect of dealing with my own disability. These remains have been the left over

The Pied Piper’s Taps

The Pied Piper’s Taps: Al Gilbert, the legendary “Pied Piper of Dance,” was born, Allesandro Zicari, on July 12, 1921. Al came from a generation in time, when people valued one another and truly cared. During that time, people really

Pondering the Past, and Guiding Individuals Towards Their Future

Pondering the Past, and Guiding Individuals Towards Their Future Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Thank you for inviting me to your school today, and to share with you a part of who I am. This afternoon, I

How I Prevailed and Progressed Forward

How I Prevailed and Progressed Forward By Karen Lynn April 2008 Dear Professor Frare, colleagues, friends, family, and students of the Kean University Historical Society. It is an honor, and a privilege, to stand before you this afternoon. Thank you

Between Reality and Mythos

Between Reality and Mythos by Sean Dineen April 2008 – Volume 4, Issue 4 It is a well understood truth that storytelling is an effective way of explaining how the world works. It does so by distilling large concepts into

Different Stages in a Learning Disabled Writer’s Life

Different Stages in a Learning Disabled Writer’s Life By Karen Lynn March 2008 Back in the spring of 1970, I reflect upon the days of my young life. I remember being full of energy, being enthusiastic, and working as a