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The Healing Horse, Ch. 18, Scene 14: I’m Truthfully Not Looking Forward to Tomorrow

In this last scene of Chapter 18, Karen continues to struggle with her fears. She finds some solace in a long ride on a peaceful trail of the ranch upon the back of her mentor, Pegasus. Nevertheless, at the end

The Healing Horse, Ch. 18, Scene 13: Mama Thanks Pegasus

When Karen expresses her determination to make the best of her life, to be fearless and courageous, Mama feels inspired to express her own gratitude to Pegasus, without whom she and Karen would have been lost in life. (Diagram of

The Healing Horse, Ch. 18, Scene 12: Awakening and Dressing

In this scene, Karen sets her intention to stay positive and happy. Then she puts on a favorite outfit. Notice all the steps she has to go through, and how when she knows she needs help she is not ashamed

The Healing Horse, Ch. 18, Scene 11: Tears of Relief

In this scene, Kitten uses meditation and mindfulness to prevent her mind from painting images of catastrophe that would terrify her. She eventually finds rest under her white duvet. (Photo by Kate Stone Matheson on Unsplash) Scene 11: Tears of

The Healing Horse, Ch. 18, Scene 10: Bath Time

Kitten tries to be brave, but even though Pegasus believes in her and knows she can deal with anything she has to face, but her mood is not so confident. (Image courtesy of Vincent Le Moign, CC BY 4.0, via

The Healing Horse, Ch. 18, Scene 9: Why is School so Scary?

In this scene, little Kitten reflects on how to deal with the reality of school and the equally real reality of her own feelings. Fortunately, her wise mentor guides her through. (Image courtesy of Brocken Inaglory, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia

The Healing Horse, Ch. 18, Scene 8: Doubts Return

Sometimes, even though we have a good perspective on a difficult area in life, we still feel overwhelmed by doubts. We feel isolated and misunderstood. That’s when we need a friend like Pegasus to mentor us. (Image courtesy of Dietmar

The Healing Horse, Ch. 18, Scene 7: Retreat for a Day

With this scene, the reader (you, dear friend) continues to learn about little Kitten’s worries and what brought them on. She tries to retreat into herself, but the worries follow, no matter how much she wishes her inner life to

The Healing Horse, Ch 18., Scene 5: Remembering a Victim

In this scene, we learn the sad story of one of Kitten’s friends—a little boy who died because of medical malpractice, when he was only eight years old. But, instead of working herself into a rage, or worrying herself into

The Healing Horse, Ch. 18, Scene 4: Surgery, Institutionalization, or Euthanasia

  This scene brings Karen’s mind back to a medical examination, when the doctor recommended amputation, institutionalization, or euthanasia for her. In spite of her worries about her coming evaluation by the same physician, she vows to stay strong and