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The Healing Horse, Ch. 24, Scenes 7 & 8: Two Brilliant Insights

I combined these two scenes because they are so short, and because they add up to an important message that every child with a disability needs to hear: find your own wisdom, and do not expect so-called experts to understand

The Healing Horse, Ch. 24, Scene 6: Mama Explains What She Learned

After an exhausting day, Karen and Mama make their way home. Mama thinks she can manage the situation at school, and Karen wisely chooses to look at the day as a learning experience that she can grow from. (Image courtesy

The Healing Horse, Ch. 24, Scene 5: Mama Coaxes Karen

How can highly-educated professionals shame a child like this? What can a mother do to make it right? (Image courtesy of Fox Film Corporation, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons) Scene 5: Mama Coaxes Karen  “My Krana Layala,” Mama said, as

The Healing Horse, Ch. 24, Scene 5: Mama Speaks

The story continues as Mama speaks up and rescues Karen from the evil experts. (Image courtesy of Adam Jones from Kelowna, BC, Canada, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons) Scene 5: Mama Speaks “Now, look here! I’m sure you found

The Healing Horse, Ch. 24, Scene 4: Karen Explodes

Karen has had enough, and in this scene she tells off the whole room of experts. (Image courtesy of Kurt Kaiser, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons) Scene 4: Karen Explodes “Enough! I’ve had it! That’s it! I’m leaving! Your questions are

The Healing Horse, Ch. 24, Scene 3: The Questions

In this part of the story, thirteen-year-old Karen undergoes a humiliating series of questions in front of her mother and a room full of adults. These are not questions people ask normal teenagers. (Image courtesy of Peterphotoman, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The Healing Horse, Ch. 24, Scene 2: The Binders

After bracing themselves for another ordeal, Karen and Mama return for the evaluation. Scene 2: The Binders “Thank you for coming back, Mrs. Hearshstein and Karen. We are ready to begin the evaluation. I’m sure the afternoon will go better

The Healing Horse, Ch. 24: The Evaluation, Scene 1: You’ll Never Walk Alone

This scene begins Chapter 24, which is all about the psychological evaluation that the school puts Karen through. She and her mother both know that the experts want to make her look retarded, but she refuses to go along with

The Healing Horse, Ch. 23, Scene 18: Yogurt and Courage

This scene concludes Chapter 23: The Promenade. Karen now knows what the evil experts are plotting for her. Even though she is frightened, she finds courage and knows she is fighting them not only for herself, but for everyone with

The Healing Horse, Ch. 23, Scene 17: Mama in the Cafetorium

While Karen tries to find some peace by being alone in the ladies’ room, Mama does the same over a coffee in the cafetorium. New word for you? Think school auditorium with folding down tables and attached seating for lunches.