The Healing Horse Ch 2, Sc 5: Lipstick

Mama knew that if she had to do my homework for me, or coach me through every step of it, then it was not teaching me anything but dependence. Typically, when she finally exploded, she directed her frustration at its cause—my teacher giving me homework that I could not do—not at me.

Scene 5: Lipstick

Night after night, Mama coached Karen through her academic struggles. One night, her heart aching as Karen agonized over homework, Mama picked up the closest writing tool near her, which was her red lipstick, and slashed across Kitten’s paper:

“Give Karen homework she can do by herself!”

Karen gasped, stunned with shame and humiliation.

Mama said, “Krana Layala, I’m not doing this to hurt you. I’m doing this so your teachers will know you’re having problems. This way, they can help you. It’s important that you learn to do your homework on your own, and that you feel good about yourself and about doing it. Giving you homework you can’t do, or that makes you feel bad isn’t helping. They need to modify your homework so that it works for you.”

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