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Learned Consciousness

Many times in our lives, we’ve been taught to feel despair, whether we have cerebral palsy or not. Time and again, we feel the lack of hope because people in our lives make us feel incompetent and less than. That is

Ways to be Kind and Honest

  Too often, as disabled people with Cerebral Palsy, we forget how much our lives interact with others.  While we may be sizzling at what someone else has said or done, there are two ways to look at, and deal

Is This Your Best

    Every day you wake up is an opportunity to do your best.  Sometimes, as a disabled person or not it’s hard to figure that out.  Other times it could be very difficult because there are all kinds of

Wondering What Others Say and Think

How often do you sit as a disabled person or able-bodied person, wondering what other are saying and thinking. Did I answer their question correctly!  Did I say the right thing at the right time? Will they accept me for

Because We Care

  Having a disability or Cerebral Palsy doesn’t mean we have to do something for nothing.  We can bring many ideas and suggestions to the table which can not only make use of our talents but can open doors and

What Really Matters

We all have had to protect ourselves one way or another living life with Cerebral Palsy.  We have had to suit up at all cost.  We have had to equip ourselves physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Today, bullying is not as

Armoring Ourselves

How well do you as a person with Cerebral Palsy and any disability armor yourself? When you talk with people you need to do business with such as: doctors, educators, counselors, and therapist; are you like Maximus the powerful Roman

Being Positive in the New Year

For those of you, who are like me, the New Year brings many opportunities and challenges.  Whether you have a disability or not life keeps moving forward.  Chances to grow, chances to expand, chances to face are always present.  It’s

How to be Present in Your Life

There are many positive things a person with Cerebral Palsy and Special Needs can do for themselves.  But one must want to do it. One must be willing to step out of the box, and go to any lengths. One

Collecting Information and our Ability

How many times have you as a special needs person sat in the team of therapist, counselors and doctor’s office waiting to be given an IQ test? Do you know what it measured?  Did it really measure how intelligent you