Ways to be Kind and Honest


Too often, as disabled people with Cerebral Palsy, we forget how much our lives interact with others.  While we may be sizzling at what someone else has said or done, there are two ways to look at, and deal with, the situation.  We can use these experiences as a building block to our benefit to be positive.  From this, we learn not only from our experiences, but we learn how to be kind, honest, and build healthy barriers between us and others.

Building trust is very important.  We can say things sarcastically, creating more anger, and more tension which will make the other person more defensive; or, we can create mutual respect and build bridges, which lead to friendship, open-mindedness and flexibility. 

The more we practice these behaviors the more they become second nature to us.  They help build our ability to interact with others. It is our choice.

One comment on “Ways to be Kind and Honest
  1. sean Dineen says:

    You have been a great example of trust, honesty and encouragement.

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