Is This Your Best



Every day you wake up is an opportunity to do your best.  Sometimes, as a disabled person or not it’s hard to figure that out.  Other times it could be very difficult because there are all kinds of people in this world with all kinds of personalities. 

In today’s lingo, people are referred to as tribes, with their own set of rules and regulations.  If you click all is well, but if you have another way of doing things, some people can’t handle it.  The real issue gets lost in a battle to force a person to do things in a way that pleases’ the (group) or tribe.  Like Roark would say in “The Fountainhead” “I do not recognize anyone’s right to one moment of my life.” 

Each person with Cerebral Palsy or not, must determine what they believe and what they are capable of.

One comment on “Is This Your Best
  1. sean Dineen says:

    So often someone else, with good intentions, or a desire for power, tries to decide what is our best. Thank God someone is finally saying it should be us, lead by our own faith and conciseness, but us.

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