A Relationship

What have you wanted but not received from your teachers, your counselors, your therapists, your aids and from others you’ve worked with for years? What is vital to your growth and development as a person with cerebral palsy?

I want to connect with other people. I want them to understand me. I want them to understand that even though I am trapped in this body of mine, I still can act and be productive.

I want people without disabilities to affirm my worth and my desires. I don’t want rationalizations. I want to connect–to connect on a real honest-to-goodness level, in an arrangement to execute my desires, and needs.

Today I connect with others.  I build strong unconditional relationships’.  I am understood and I understand others.



One comment on “A Relationship
  1. sean p Dineen says:

    You as you always do, have summoned up the core essence of daily life.
    Our humanity, by the grace of God is interpresent. Too often we are items on an agenda to be labeled, guided assisted. We have a right to pursue our own goals, and get what we need without bargaining for it

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