Finding My Light

Having cerebral palsy, do you ask yourself many “Why me?” questions?

Do you wear an invisible sign advertising your disability, or do you steer a natural course? If apparent discrimination strikes, is it easy for you to have bias thoughts based only on suspicions? Is it easy to accuse others or even to blame yourself and your disability?

Given this, how then do we find our light? How do we move away from stereotypical attitudes? We each must ask, what is our real standard, the standard we want to reach?

Life is not difficult when circumstances are going our way, when good things are plentiful and when worrying challenges are few. We can build bridges, laugh and smile with little thought. But when life becomes oppressive, demanding careful attention–when that time comes, what are we going to do? We are not immune from trouble! We are not marked for special protection.

It’s up to each of us—with or without challenges—to find that inner light to guide us, to find that something within that gives us strength to carry on. It’s that something that makes us feel safe. It may be a thought or phrase or even a sign that gives us the courage to do the right thing.

We can do our best to maneuver on our journey in the fog of life. We can muddle through, wearing our negative feelings on our sleeves. Or we can resolve them with peace and fortitude within our hearts.

It’s all up to each of us. I ask myself time and again, how do I get closer to the light of all lights?

Today, I reach for the light in every way. I accept my day’s journey with thanksgiving and gratitude knowing that my light of goodness shines before me. I practice looking at only the good things while crossing the bridges of adversity as they come.



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