Reflections of My Heart: Crossing Boundaries


I wrote this poem for a friend of over twenty years. Then his life became consumed with trouble and he disappeared.

He could not allow me to comfort him or give him support.

Then one day, four years ago, when I broke my right wrist and had surgery, I heard from him.

I was willing to help him, just like all my other friends, but he could not accept my help.

Nothing for me to do but accept, like always. I said an affirmation. I forgave him and sent him love and light to comfort him.

I tried to stay in touch with him with weekly messages. We talked, but he faded out, then came back. Finally, just like with all these other so-called friends, I was not going to sell my soul for unhealthiness in my life. So I let go with love.

One last really important thing. There were many moments when I felt I was being used by him… It was when he wanted to talk. When it was convenient for him. Otherwise, no communication.

When someone cares
About a friend,
They cross boundaries that 
No one else can see
They will do anything to help.
To reach out,
To lend a helping hand.
Can’t you see that, my dear, dear friend?
Can’t you see that there is someone who really, honestly cares?
Can’t you see my human heart skipping a beat?
It soars into the spectacular skies.
It swims with fervor and fury.
It races to reach the dauntless finish line
With the tick-tock of time 
Rushing by,
Wishing and hoping to just be in time
Yes, I care. I truly care.
With my heart, With my soul
With the purity of transcending oceans,
And rivers, and lakes,
Flowing ever so sweetly
To touch your life
Will you let me?
Will you respond to me?
Will you reach out to me?
Like melting snow on a crisp spring day
Like the daybreak of the day’s sun
Shimmering with its gentle glow
Like the ebb and flow of our tide
I hope so. I really do
I care for you and love you,
Just because you are you,
Because you are my friend,
And, Because you mean so much to me!  

You can order my poetry collection, including this poem, here: Reflections of My Heart.

Original text ©2024 by Karen Lynn-Chlup. All rights reserved. Image by Exitmanned, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons. 

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