Reflections of My Heart: Coverlet

Wenonah's Blanket book cover illustration

While in college, I read Wenonah’s Blanket by Peggy Elaine Browning, about a coverlet that kept people safe from hurt and harm. The story warmed my heart, and after reading it, every time I went though a life-altering experience, I visualized my own special coverlet protecting me. And it did. My stress level lessened and my fearlessness took over. I became stronger and more secure. Then, one afternoon, while sitting at my desk, I said to myself, ”I should write about my comforter, and this is what I wrote…”


This blanket is a coverlet
That protects us from the cold. It comforts us,
And shields us,
Safeguarding our every stride.

But then the time will come
When only you can define
Your own being
And its rhyme

So take your hand,
And use your guiding voice,
And walk peacefully, once again!

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