Reflections of My Heart: Convicted

One day, back in 1983, I drove alone in my car from college back to home. This was months after I began writing my life’s story. At the time, I called it The Broken Hoof, and when I finished, it won a creative writing prize. Now, it’s The Healing Horse. I have published it as a series of posts on my blog and intend to bring it out as a book soon. Stay tuned for updates on that.

But back to 1983. As I drove, a realization came over me—how far I had come. No longer did I hear the rhythm of iambic pentameter, of metered line and cadence in the footsteps my brace and I took through my young girl’s life, a reminder of who I was and always will be. 

Like a locked-up prisoner
Caged in her own cell, she moves
In a syncopated rhythm
With her barred-up shoes
From a childhood illness
And with these chains, she is sentenced to
A paralyzed left arm and leg
Which drags along her side
Waiting to be freed!  

I am still the same person with the same values and aspirations, but I walk on my own, no brace needed. If you want to read the story of how I got rid of the brace, jump into it here:

The Healing Horse, Ch. 37: Giving Away the Brace

You can order my poetry collection, including this poem, here: Reflections of My Heart.

Original text ©2024 by Karen Lynn-Chlup. All rights reserved. Image by my Daddy. All rights reserved.

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