Our Destination

Where are you bound? What is your plan? Where are you headed?

People with cerebral palsy have dreams to fulfill, too. Have you put one on your list of goals to achieve today, or on your bucket list to check off? And have you ever asked yourself, “How am I ever going to make this possible?” Winston Churchill once said, “Never, Never, Never Quit!”

Do you have a parent, therapist, counselor or team member in place that will help you and work with you to make your life dreams possible?

We have to find a way!

Somehow, we have to discern this for ourselves, and for only ourselves! Then, and only then, will we find our way. We will find peace of mind, and joy to sustain us. Only then, will we find our meaning and purpose in life.

We can’t stop reaching–no matter how long it takes, no matter how high the hurdle, no matter how deep the water. We will take matters into our own hands and dare the undertaking.

We will find a way! We will climb the mountain, ceasing not until we touch the top!

If you want it bad enough you will keep reaching. You will keep your eye on your dream–you will keep visualizing–you will keep believing in yourself. Your thoughts and determination will get you there! You will never give in to temptation–nor will you give up in any way.

Success doesn’t come from stepping on other people’s toes, or by from taking NO for an answer.

It comes from being positive. It comes from going the extra mile. And it comes from all the things that you say and do.

So I tell myself, “I can reach my destination. I am safe. I can do this with ease. I can accomplish this. I see it in my horizon. It’s getting closer and closer. Everything I desire is waiting for me with open arms.



2 comments on “Our Destination
  1. Destination — step by step into the new day of questioning where am I — not being fearful of where I am or where I am not — making each day another walk with joy, service, and prayful meditation. Destination into memories sustaining now and tomorrow.
    Letting go — filling up — rising up.

  2. sean dineen says:

    Both of you right once again. Another day closer to victory, another opportunity to shine, another greatness to bring out. Its time those in he professions, say “How can I help?, rather than this is what there is take it or leave it.”

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