Overcoming the Illusions of Choice

How many times have you heard, “You can’t complete your education because it’s an insult to other physically disabled people!”

“You can’t teach dance because you have cerebral palsy!”

“You have scattered thoughts, so why are you going to college! You know you’ll never succeed!”

In all these scenarios someone else always has the upper hand. But our lives are at stake. The experts always say we have a choice, but do we? Often the choice is between two options that we didn’t have a say-so in selecting. The experts have framed the discussion to limit our options. This is a trap to keep us right where we’re at! They try to take every ounce of our goodness and dignity away from us by belittling us and by causing us to doubt ourselves. It seems like all we do is struggle, bargain, plead, and negotiate for the simple right to live like other human beings. Why should it be like that? When are we humans ever going to learn to treat people humanely?

I have every right to live my life as I see fit. I have choices waiting for me as people acknowledge my gifts and talents. My gifts and talents are my uniqueness. They are my light, which I choose to shine down upon this earth.


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