Establishing Ourselves as Communicators

It is often said that individuals with cerebral palsy have trouble communicating what we feel. It is said that we have scattered thoughts, but that is because we have interests in many areas of life. It is also said that we are unrealistic about our career prospects, so we should go on Social Security for the rest of our lives. The system cannot understand the urgency of our lives and our goals. It wants to label us in any way it can.

The organizations that are supposed to help us, and the people who work for them, cannot hear what we are trying to say. The more we communicate with them, the more they shut down, deny, and declare ways to defeat us. They think of every possible way to hold us back from living our lives.

So how do you rise above when someone shuts you up?

I do not take what other people say personally. I am free of all criticism, critique, and critical analysis. I am a great communicator and get my thoughts across clearly and succinctly. I believe in myself. I have faith in my words and what I say. I move forward, despite what others have to say, and I leave a positive impact on their lives.


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