The Healing Horse Ch 6, Scene 9: Kitten and Pegasus Develop Effortless Communication

Kitten’s daily visits with Pegasus help them develop a deep bond of acceptance, understanding, and love.

Scene 9: Kitten and Pegasus Develop Effortless Communication

In his gentle, serene voice, Pegasus told her mystical stories, and in return, he listened to her stories. He never interrupted her.

Karen felt totally at ease with her stallion. Visiting him daily made opening up and talking to him feel natural. Words came plainly, without pretense. His unconditional caring made feeling accepted easy for Karen. That’s why speaking whatever came to her mind became spontaneous. She knew that he would never judge or ridicule her. He treated her as the intelligent young person she was; whereas many people, especially adults, assumed that because she had cerebral palsy, she must also have profound intellectual disabilities. Pegasus knew differently and spoke to her with respect and deference.

For Pegasus, speaking to Karen was equally effortless. Karen listened to him intently. She was naturally empathic, and she wanted to be sympathetic to others. Therefore, her stallion found speaking to her easy. Likewise, he found giving Karen the attention and approval she needed simple and uncomplicated. He knew how to encourage her imagination and how to develop her mind’s eye, which made Karen feel unconditionally treasured and loved. They communicated sincerely and humbly, and reached out to each other with compassion.

Every day, Karen brought freshly picked, end-of-season sunflowers to Pegasus. She would ride no other horse but her loving, lavender and rainbow stallion. They became inseparable, connected by an intense affinity and a devout bond. She loved her horse; and he, her.

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The Healing Horse, Ch 6, Scene 8: Kitten Establishes a Routine

Karen quickly establishes a routine, so she and Pegasus can spend time together nearly every day.

Scene 8: Kitten Establishes a Routine

Over the horizon, the next day burst forth. Karen hurried back to the merry-go-round. From that day on, she walked to the carousel nearly every afternoon, even on homework-laden school days, though she always finished her homework on time.

September rushed by. The seasonal change of temperature welcomed October. During that magical month, Kitten’s left leg grew stronger. Soon, she no longer needed Joshua’s help to climb onto Pegasus’ back.

As the days shortened, so did the carousel open hours. In August and September, it was open every day except for Tuesday. Tuesday was “Anything Can Happen Day” on the Mickey Mouse Club, so Kitten was glad to stay home and watch TV for one day each week. In October, the carousel began closing on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Two days without Pegasus were too much, so she walked to the closed Hippodrome and waved at her horse through the windows. He always nodded back.

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The Healing Horse, Ch 6, Scene 7: Kitten Relaxes and Then Goes to Sleep

After preparing for bed, Kitten drifts back in memory to reflect on the magic of her day and on her achievements.

Scene 7: Kitten Relaxes and Then Goes to Sleep

After dinner, Karen took her bath and prepared for bed. Even though her favorite programs were on TV, she could not keep herself from drifting back into her memories and recalling her marvelous day.

I had my own unique adventure, today. I took something out of my heart and mind and made it come to pass. I told Mama everything, except about Pegasus talking. I told her about holding onto the horse’s reins without any assistance, about how beautiful the horse was, and about how kind and gentle the man who helped me on and off was, but I kept the magic of Pegasus to myself.

Deep in memory, she lost track of time. The clock chiming eight surprised her. When she stood and stretched her arms, her nose caught the scent of shoe polish. Like every night, Mama sat on the other side of the room, polishing away scuffs from Kitten’s white leather high-top shoes. Kitten walked over and gave her a loving kiss goodnight.

“I’ll see you in the morning,” she said.

Mama replied, “Yes, Kitten. See you in the A.M. Have a good night’s rest, my precious girl. Sleep tight.”

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The Healing Horse, Ch 6, Scene 6: Kitten and Mama Discuss the Day Over Dinner

Karen tells her mother about most of what happened on that momentous day, unaware that her Mama saw it all.

Scene 6: Kitten and Mama Discuss the Day Over Dinner 

Karen’s face aglow, she washed her hands and then sat down with Mama at the table. During dinner, she excitedly described her walk to the merry-go-round and how she summoned the courage to get up onto the horse by asking for Joshua’s help. She had stood up for herself, prompted by his question about assisting her. As a result of her advocacy, he had responded in kind.

“How fantastic! I’m very proud of you!”

I can’t stop grinning, but I’m not going to let on that I saw the whole thing.

Karen told Mama how she held onto the horse’s reins without any assistance, how beautiful he was, and how kind and gentle the man had been as he helped her on and off the horse’s back.

“Oh, sweetheart, I am so very proud of you! I am very pleased with your achievements, today.”

I’m crying and I can’t stop. And now she’s jumped up from her chair and rushed all the way around the table to give me a hug. She doesn’t need a brace, anymore. She can jump up, like any normal child, and give her mother a hug.

“Thank you, Mama, thank you! That means a lot to me! You know, the horse I rode today was the most stunning of all, and would you believe his left hoof was hurt, too?”

“What do you mean, Kitten?”

“I don’t know how his hoof was wounded, but it was just like my left side, and he was the best horse of all! He’s a beautiful lavender color, Mama, with a rainbow-colored saddle, magenta reins, and blue eyes.”

“He sounds really handsome.”

And, I’m so glad.

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The Healing Horse, Ch 6, Scene 5: Kitten Arrives Home

As Karen completes her journey to the pier and back, her mother’s heart fills with nakhas, or enjoyment of pride in one’s children.

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Scene 5: Kitten Arrives Home

Twenty-five minutes later, Mama watched Karen walk through the kitchen door and heard her say, “Hi, Mama, I’m home.”

“Hello, sweet Kitten, how was your day?” she replied. I sure am glad she didn’t see me at the park. I’m so happy I’m giddy!

“It was amazing, Mama! I’m very, very glad you suggested this to me.”

“Going to the pier? Yes! I got your note. Did you do it?”

“Yes. I walked all the way there and all the way back. And I rode a horse!”

You bring me such nakhas! Mama thought. Then she said, “Well, dinner is ready. So, how about if you go wash your hands, and you can tell me all about it at the table?”

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The Healing Horse, Ch 6, Scene 4: Mama Drives Home

Now, it’s Mama’s turn to reflect on her Karen’s accomplishments. If you don’t know Yiddish, then here’s a little vocabulary lesson for you.

Kveling = glowing with pride
Shana madel = pretty or well-behaved girl, like a mensch but female
Mensch = literally means a human being, but
Yiddishe kop = Yiddish or Jewish head or mind
Oy! = An exclamation expressing happiness
Krana Layala = Karen Lynn in Yiddish

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Scene 4: Mama Drives Home

After Karen left the pier, Mama retrieved her car from the parking lot. As she drove home, Mama reflected that many people with disabilities more profound than Karen’s had achieved great things in life. She knew that her Kitten would, too.

Kitten has done something I thought she’d never do! I’m glowing with pride. I can’t stop kveling with happiness! My shana madel is a mensch. She has a Yiddishe kop! She is proving me wrong at every turning point. She is showing me just how much she can achieve. Oy!

Her determination will get her far in life. I can see now I did the right thing. This was the first step to overcoming everything else. I’m so glad I gave her this chance and didn’t let my fears get in the way. When Kitten woke up from her coma, I prayed that she wouldn’t have so many disabilities that she couldn’t think and do things on her own. More than that, I wanted her to feel her own dignity and self-respect.

Now, her strength is greater than mine. She has turned her CP into an asset. She’s teaching me to be strong. I must support her as she builds her strength, while I can. I won’t be here forever. I must stop with my overprotectiveness and prepare her for adulthood. I’ve never seen my daughter so happy before. Making this possible has helped us both. Even if some of the other parents thought this was a mistake, now I know I was right. My Krana Layala is standing tall with a self-assurance I’ve never seen in her, before.

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The Healing Horse, Ch 6, Scene 3: Karen Reflects More While Walking Home

As she walks home, little Karen reflects on what she has just done. She has not just ridden on a carousel. She has come out of her chrysalis and opened her wings as a butterfly. She is has begun a new life.

Scene 3: Karen Reflects More While Walking Home 

While walking home, Karen reflected on her momentous yet peaceful outing. She thought of Pegasus, of her horseback ride, and of the kind man Joshua. His compassionate and considerate ways were etched in her mind like an inspiring piece of fine art. No one except Mama had ever made her feel so valuable before. Karen also knew that even if Joshua’s impressive vocabulary did not stay with her, his halo of affection would remain, and she determined herself that she would pass on his brand of kindness to others. Besides, she had a dictionary at home. She vowed that she would start exploring it. 

Oh! This is outstanding. How absolutely, positively stupendous this magical merry-go-round is! I’m so glad my desire was stronger than my fear! I’m sooo glad!! I will put this on my list of things to remember if I ever need inspiration to be strong, again! This is incredible! Every time something seems hard or unbearable, I will remember this moment. It will give me the strength I need to stay strong. The memory of this experience will be my assurance that I have the courage to prevail. Mama will be so pleased! I am transforming my life and being by believing in myself and going beyond the limits that the experts set. When I walked through the beveled glass doors, I became a new person. Like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, I left the old Kitten behind when I fluttered my new wings.

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The Healing Horse, Ch 6, Scene 2: Mama Watches Over Her Kitten’s Journey

Even though little Kitten thought she was entirely on her own, as she bravely walked to the pier, found the hippodrome, and went for her first horseback ride, her mother proudly watched over her every step of the way.

Scene 2: Mama Watches Over Her Kitten’s Journey

Mama arrived home from work right after her Kitten had set out on her journey. Finding the note, she immediately drove to the pier, passing Karen on the way. Arriving at the ramp ahead of her daughter, Mama blended into the crowd and silently watched over every step of Kitten’s adventure without interfering in any way. Her little girl was growing up and following her heart into the world beyond home and school. With tears of joy in her eyes, she watched Karen bravely buy a ticket and courageously ride the carousel.

Now, hidden behind a sign, Mama watched her daughter lean against the protective railing. The day had been long and tiring for them both. As Karen began her walk home, Mama slowly followed her.

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The Healing Horse, Ch 6, Scene 1: Karen Reflects While Watching the Water

In Chapter 6, Karen builds a friendship with Pegasus. In the first scene, though, she reflects on what she has accomplished by walking to the pier and riding him in the hippodrome.

Scene 1: Karen Reflects While Watching the Water

After her moment of silence with Pegasus, she quietly eased herself out of the carousel dome and onto the open pier, where she could look out over the water. She leaned against the metal railing and watched the afternoon sun dip beneath the horizon. Gazing at the ocean, she watched the waves’ rhythmic rippling. Comforted by the remaining azure light of the sky, she realized, again, what she had accomplished. Elated, she was beyond overjoyed. She was caught up in a moment of pure jubilation and rapture. An exceptionally breathtaking orange and red sunset spread before her, but she knew that the darkening sky above meant night was coming, soon. She had to be on her way.

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The Healing Horse, Ch 5, Scene 16: Joshua Lifts Her Down

This scene concludes chapter five and foreshadows the developing friendship between Kitten, Joshua, and Pegasus.

Scene 16: Joshua Lifts Her Down

After a few minutes, her new carousel friend helped her unbuckle the red strap that secured her safely on Pegasus’ back. With ease, he lifted her down from the stallion’s back. In her mind’s eye, she saw herself as Margot Fonteyn flying gracefully through the air, supported by Rudolf Nureyev’s powerful arms.

“Did you have a fun ride, doll?” the man asked gleefully.

“Oh, yes! I did, very much so. Thank you! I had a terrific time!”

“Don’t forget to come back soon—we’ll be expecting you! Have a pleasureful day.”

“Okay, you can count on it,” Karen replied, smiling.

“If you ever need any accommodation, just ask for me. My appellative is Joshua.”

“Thanks, Joshua. I can guess what pleasureful and appellative mean, and I’ll see ya, tomorrow!”

With quiet concentration, she whispered to herself the brand-new words, “Pleasureful, appellative, beseeched, and pulchritudinous!”

Aloud, she declared, “Joshua! What a wonderful name! No doubt, you are a keeper.”

She glimmered from within. It made complete sense that he was in charge of the horses.

“Be careful as you step off the carousel, doll. That’s a big step down!”

“I will. Thank you so much, and goodbye for now, Joshua.”

He returned her wave with one just as friendly.

Joshua walked away, and Karen decided to stay behind for one last precious moment. She stood next to Pegasus and bid her new stallion adieu. Joshua was terrific, but right now, nothing was as magical as Pegasus.

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