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Overcoming the Illusions of Choice

How many times have you heard, “You can’t complete your education because it’s an insult to other physically disabled people!” “You can’t teach dance because you have cerebral palsy!” “You have scattered thoughts, so why are you going to college!

How do you Become Your Best

As a person with Cerebral Palsy how do you become your best? Are you practicing different versions of yourself by giving different renderings?  This can become mangled. Your statements will become partially true; mingled with falsehoods.   You’ll forget what you

The Seen and Unseen of our Existence

How many times has a disabled person with Cerebral Palsy been acknowledge for the thing they have set out to accomplish in their lives? It’s easy for people with C.P. like Josh Blue or Jerry Jewel.  They give people a

Enticing Others to Believe

When I was younger, I worked over a 300 extension switchboard as a switchboard operator for a few prominent companies.  These firms were unaware of my strengths.  They were more skeptical of my ability to do the job.  They didn’t

Their Word Isn’t Ours

In the mist of being a disabled person, and having Cerebral Palsy, our words seem to always be misunderstood.  The intensity of which we live, speak, and pursue our goals is shocking to the rest of the world.  They can’t

The Unfading Impact

What are the long term impacts and effects for people with Cerebral Palsy and the way we are looked down upon?  It’s been my experience, that a great deal of energy and effort has been spent in categorizing particular levels

Is Change Really Change for the Better?

The dangerous idea of change is a focus too much on words, and not on people’s well being.  When experts believe they have a right to limit every part of how a “Special Needs Person” can make decisions and not

Changing Terminology- Changing Ideas

Where did it all begin?  Who knows?  But the effects it has left on the special needs community goes much deeper than any of us know. How many times have you been called developmentally delayed instead of just plain Cerebral

A Fabrication of Our Feelings

It seems as though Cerebral Palsy individuals and their parents have a figment of their imagination. Have you or your special needs child ever sat in on an IPP or IEP meeting where the hearts of The Child Study Team

Is it so

Have you ever sat-in on your own meeting being disabled and having Cerebral Palsy, or sat beside your child trying to figure out how you can help them?  These meetings often seem to be well intentioned, but in reality, are