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Whispers of Hope Receives 2016 Best of Torrance Award

Torrance Award Program Honors the Achievement TORRANCE May 18, 2016 — Whispers of Hope has been selected for the 2016 Best of Torrance Award in the Yoga Studio category by the Torrance Award Program. Each year, the Torrance Award Program

The Trip I took to the East Coast to Speak for our People

Three weeks ago, I took a most rewarding journey that is now changing the course of my life. It has all happened because of the tenacious action I have pursued continuously throughout my life. For the last three years, I

Classes for All

Dear Friends, I’d like to bring to your attention an article written by two dear friends that I know. Ms. Leslie Fanelli and Mr. Sean Dineen. They bring to the community of Millburn, New Jersey, the enriching, inspiring, applauded program,

Making an Investment

In our society, every group has figured out the accommodations they need to thrive and to become healthy, productive men and women. But picture this… What if the accommodation is a more flexible attitude? It’s very easy to make a

Finding My Light

Having cerebral palsy, do you ask yourself many “Why me?” questions? Do you wear an invisible sign advertising your disability, or do you steer a natural course? If apparent discrimination strikes, is it easy for you to have bias thoughts

I’ve Done All I Can

Day in and day out I ask myself as a person with cerebral palsy if “I’ve done all I can!” I ask myself if I’ve given it my all. I ask myself if I’ve fought the good fight! Eleanor Roosevelt

Am I Everything

Every day we wake up. We wash our faces, take a shower or bath and brush our teeth. But, for some of us with cerebral palsy, life is not totally about us. It’s about the people surrounding us. How they

Overcoming the Illusions of Choice

How many times have you heard, “You can’t complete your education because it’s an insult to other physically disabled people!” “You can’t teach dance because you have cerebral palsy!” “You have scattered thoughts, so why are you going to college!

How do you Become Your Best

As a person with Cerebral Palsy how do you become your best? Are you practicing different versions of yourself by giving different renderings?  This can become mangled. Your statements will become partially true; mingled with falsehoods.   You’ll forget what you

The Seen and Unseen of our Existence

How many times has a disabled person with Cerebral Palsy been acknowledge for the thing they have set out to accomplish in their lives? It’s easy for people with C.P. like Josh Blue or Jerry Jewel.  They give people a