The Seen and Unseen of our Existence

How many times has a disabled person with Cerebral Palsy been acknowledge for the thing they have set out to accomplish in their lives? It’s easy for people with C.P. like Josh Blue or Jerry Jewel.  They give people a taste, with humor, that sometimes makes lite of who we really are.  But the reality is, it’s not so funny.  Dealing with C.P. is not a game or to be toyed with.  It’s a daily struggle.  And most would rather be working or walking or bringing home a nice, crisp, paycheck of their own.

Just because people make fun of themselves as a commodity doesn’t always make it right. You wouldn’t make fun of a person not being able to swallow their food.  Nor would you make fun of someone who has spasticity.

Often people will stand back and wait until someone else jumps in to save the survivor.  But in most cases they don’t jump in. Day-by-day, week-by-week, year-by-year; the days just roll by.  We get older, frailer; our dreams that we once had are no longer an option, we are cast aside, and organization that said they would help lie to our faces, or put us on an ever-ending marry-go-round. Most of us sit quietly on our laurels’, however, the significance of these experiences cost us dearly.  Their lack of initiative is our greatest loss!

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