Armoring Ourselves

How well do you as a person with Cerebral Palsy and any disability armor yourself?

When you talk with people you need to do business with such as: doctors, educators, counselors, and therapist; are you like Maximus the powerful Roman general?  Do you wear a helmet and a savior sword to protect yourself, or do you have trouble navigating the system when someone touches a nerve?

Do you stand up for yourself or melt under pressure?

2 comments on “Armoring Ourselves
  1. sean Dineen says:

    We all hoist that Armour. Believing when there is nothing left but drive.
    The trouble comes when those in power, bully out of taking any real responsibility for helping us and sit in judgement.

  2. KrishNa says:

    i had the same problem still do haha, i think your best bet would be to ask your crlnseuoos or just do alot of internet searches sorry i couldn’t be more help, just finish strong you’ll find something

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