Is Change Really Change for the Better?

The dangerous idea of change is a focus too much on words, and not on people’s well being.  When experts believe they have a right to limit every part of how a “Special Needs Person” can make decisions and not think of them as a human being, then words dress up oppression. They hurt and they damage- They think not of who we are, but what our medical bodies have become to them in science. The humiliation comes when a person with Cerebral Palsy can’t stand up for themselves and say… “I am me!  I am not my disability, nor should I be labeled in that way! Each person living with Cerebral Palsy has every right to grow up without being stigmatized or labeled from the medical society and losing that part of them that was lost due to change. The idea of making choices and changing is too often submerged in a misguided, misinformed attempt to “protect”.

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