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The Blues: is it in the Disability Community, Too?

Often, the reality of our disabilities can lead to an increased instance of depression. Our physical scars may have heeled, but the physiological and sociological have not. Ninety-nine people out of one hundred and forty-four; according to a recent study

Hidden in the Shadows of the Absolute Truth

How many times in your life have you not been given credit for something you outstandingly accomplished? How many times were your efforts gone unnoticed? And, how many times did some body else take the credit for your hard work?

What is in a Word

“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet. “That which we call a rose by any other name smell as sweet.” I ask you, what do you think of the word Handicap? How does it affect you? How

Why We Can Still Love

Did you ever happen to wonder or think twice about the basic, essential facts and the fundamental truths of men and women with Cerebral Palsy? Have you ever raised the question within yourself about our feelings on romantic identities, and

A Beam of Light

During the last month, I have experienced a good many aha moments.  Moments of clarity, moments of enlightenment, and moments of vision.  All leading me to develop a deeper sense of myself and the life I live, and am committed

February is upon us once again…

Were have the days gone? It was Christmas only 2 months ago!  In the hectic lives we all live and lead, we eagerly just keep turning the pages of time.   The moments don’t stop for us, or for our convenience,

Dear Mr. President

A few days ago, I spent the day writing a very long letter to our new president. I sat contently doing so, for more than 4 and a half hours without a break.  I was compelled and provoked by a

One Handed Wonder

Most of my articles, for the past two years, have focused in on emotions and feelings, advocacy, and, the daily struggle of living with Cerebral Palsy.  My articles also have focused in on trying to maneuver amongst society, while maintaining

Historical Ironies

This entry was written by a dear friend of mine.  Sean P. Dineen. I have known him for five years now.  He not only is a professor at Kean University, as an adjunct teacher, but he is a fellow 

The World in Which We REALLY Live

Sometimes I wonder!   I really wonder if our world and society truly understands us, or, if they whole-heartedly care!   I seriously wonder and ask myself over, and over again, if they ever will?  I ask you, what do you think?