The Distinguished Panel

On Monday, November 22nd, I was invited to be part of a respected body of people who talked For/With/ And About disabilities.  It was a well received event. Hosted by the Independent Writers Of Southern California.)   Where one of the first questions asked, of us was…  what made you decide to become a writers?  And when did you know?  Each of the four individuals in order asked, answered, including myself.   Each person responded.  And each, because their disability was/is  different, or, was writing about a disability or personal family member having one, each answered in accord.

Personally, to be ask to be on a panel such as this; so quickly, was quiet exciting-  it was quiet stimulating, and quiet awe inspiring!  The topic, shushed the audience in amazement.  As “we”  the panel, were not able to talk about why we inspire others.

I believe and accept that the inspiration is in the act of doing, conquering, and  achieving.  It is in the believing in oneself when others don’t!  But most important, it is in the use of the written word.  It is in the how we express ourselves, our visions,  our dreams , and, our insights as writers.



IWOSC panel on disabilities

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