Caring in a World That Does Not Seem to Exist Anymore

“Healing should be a loving human interchange, not a business transaction.”  Dr. Hunter Patch Adams said in one of his interviews.  Why is that?  Why have we taken this stance?  And why have we become a society who doesn’t care anymore?   Have you ever thought about this, or if you have participated in this kind of destructive thinking, why is that so?  There have always been ruins and catastrophes throughout our centuries, but never to the extent and scale that we see it today.

We have become a society wrapped up in greed, materialism, and self-indulgence. We do not know how to give of our selves or be selfless.  We do not know the first thing about passing it forward, or helping those who need it.   We have lost the meaning of warmth and benevolence.  And, we have become cold, callous, and uncaring.   We have mutilated our dignity, and, we have lost our focus.

What has happened?  Why have we forgotten this?  And, what is it in our innate nature that makes all the past 5 generations believe in what we do today?  Have we been born and inbreeded with an impulse to lie, hurt, or harm others; only to get ahead ourselves?

It has always bothered me how people like this come across and get ahead.  It has also always bothered me how these people come across with this syrupy, sweet, sincerity; yet are capable of gross sabotage preying on the weak and those under them.   They don’t think twice about anything.  They use their status, power, and leadership, to compete further only to get ahead them selves!   And, they take away any chance or possibility to make someone else’s life meaningful or memorable in a positive way.  These people have no reluctance, conscious, or mindfulness when it comes to anyone else but themselves.   It doesn’t seem to bother, hinder, or concern them that when someone less fortunate is put in harms way-  These people, within our past generations, have little to no consciousness in hurting; wounding, ill-using and treating others only to get ahead themselves first.  Despite everything, and withholding all from everyone else, they continue to live their lives in the manor which “THEY” see fit.   Without understanding the effect they have made to society.

So Gesundheit and Whispers of Hope have worked throughout the past forty years to change that.  They like the Dr. Kramer’s, and the Al Gilberts of this world have never forgotten the human aspect of the healing arts.  They have not forgotten how to touch other people’s lives with a sincere smile, a kind word, or giving from their heart with nothing asked in return.

“At Gesundheit,…they…see deep, intimate friendships between patient and doctor.”  Why then, can’t we be mindful enough to do that?  Why can’t we begin to break down all these dishonest, harmful barriers in this generation that have such a deep human effect on ours lives? Why can’t we begin to heal our planet with kind and genuine words?  Why can’t we be honest  and admit that we have made a gross wrong step in taking humanity out of the whole person and the holistic healing process.

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