How Do You Show Care and Concern

John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath” writes about a family in the great depression who loses everything and heads west to California.   On their journey, they meet many people like themselves.   It was hard times for everyone; just like it is for many today.  The difference being, that those generations helped one other.  They helped each other emotionally.  They helped each other mentally, and they helped each other to have food in their stomachs. People who had a little extra would go out of their way to help.

The definition of caring in Webster’s Dictionary means: kind, showing care and concern, looking out for and being fond of.

What makes you want to give of yourself?  What moves you to be concerned? What compels you to do something nice for another human being? What makes you look out for a person who sincerely needs help? What makes you dig deep down inside to sweeten another person’s life palette from hardship?

It’s so easy not to care now a day, conversely, it is also easy to impose an arbitrary idea on someone else.  The essence is figuring out how to truly care from within, out, and to not only assist others in a way that an individual wants and needs, but to genuinely and sincerely mean it.

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