Humor and Warmth

To quote Maya Angelou:”we must have humor in our lives, and warmth and giving.” How do you see warmth and giving in your life?  Is it visually pretty?  Do vibrant colors come to your mind eye?   Does a warm feeling take over your breath and body like the ebb and flow of a beautiful ocean wave?   Do healing thoughts come to your being?

Miss Maya, as I affectingly call her to myself, is one of my most favorite poets and authors.  I find myself in contemplation from her words; thinking and meditation, digesting and absorbing what these words actually mean. One by one I swallow and suck up the out-reach hand these words have to offer.

Do you reach out in the same way as I?  Grabbing hold of the good these words have to give us.  Do you spread light and joy from these words? Or, do you react in the opposite? Do you tense up?  Do you get anxious when these words are spoken?  Why, then, do these words turn into a hot flame of anger? Why do they upset you?

I have thought about the meaning of words and how they affect me and others.  Why they take on the shape they do, and why words that are positive to one person can be so negative, daunting and upsetting to another.  What is it for you? Have you found the warmth, humor, and giving within your life, today?


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