Conscious Mindfulness

In the mist of your daily routine, what are your thoughts?  What are your intentions?  How do you treat others and come across? Do you treat others with the same carefulness or attentiveness as you would a wounded bird whose wing is broken?  Do you mindfully treat them with kindness?  Or do you treat them like an alligator waiting to snap at the first gazelle that you see?  Do you speak with a biting tongue? And growl at people because of your wounded dreams, thoughts, and ideas?  Do you make other people plead for their existence because you are inflexible, unyielding, and uncompassionate?

Let’s mindfully think about our true nature for a minute. No one is judging, but us. We can either use it as a tool to make us more gentle and good-hearted, understanding and compassionate, or we can beat ourselves up and bring out all our worst characteristics. We can beat others up for our inability to like and accept ourselves, we can waste our own precious energy and time by being cruel, or, we can belittle, insult, minimize those because we can’t look and change ourselves.

Which do you choose today?

2 comments on “Conscious Mindfulness
  1. Pam Lane says:

    Karen — this reminds me of the old Indian story about the two wolves.  As the story goes, everyone has two wolves in them — one is the “good” wolf and the other is the “bad” one.  The wolf that runs your life … is the one you feed.  Thought you’d find that interesting.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 
    Pam Lane

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