Time Hasn’t Changed a Thing

What is balance?  In the Oxford dictionary, balance as early as 5000 BC., is defined as an exquisitely precise measuring of making things equal.  Is it innate or is it what others say it will be?  Have people tried to extinguish your candle and bribe you in threatening ways because what you were saying was right from the get go.

In the course of looking at this word many ideas have crossed my mind.  What do you feel it is?  The very purpose of balance is to strike a balance. But what if we know what our balance is, and others, like in the 1989 movie; “The Heart of Dixie” is threatened by our balance.   We look for balance out side of ourselves because we have trouble believing our own inner core.  So we seek others and their advice.  When it doesn’t match up to ours, we look to others still again, put emphasis on social media and turn to people who will damper, divulge, and seek an edge above us.   How do we stay at peace and calm when we don’t have a support system and network holding us up?  What do we do then? Do we stay on the merry-go-round or do we get off?

What is the irony for you? Are you secure with your thoughts? Are you selfish like the dean in the college in the movie? Or, are you selfless, care about justice, other people, and the human heart, like Maggie DeLoach did with the African American student?  The times change, the issues change as well, but the principal always remains the same.

How much are we each willing to contribute to uphold balance for all?

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