Incremental Changes

Incremental Change

How many of my readers have tip toed through the hot sand, until you reach the shore line.  Once there, the child within comes alive.  You play tag with the ebb and flow, and gallop in pure gaiety and delight.  All your troubles and worries seem to slip away with the warmth of the summer sun glowing down upon your solar plexus, while the capri water washes them away.

Or did they?  It’s effortless to think this may be so.  But in all actuality you have temporarily suppressed the thing you ought to have faced the most.  It’s easy to wish, and hope your most burdensome problem away.   If for only a moment or a day-

Unfortunately this is unlikely to happen until something within tips the scale.  You reach that point, and suddenly everything is clear.  You know instinctively what to do.  You know how to stop doing or acting on what didn’t work.  You know what your next step and action will be.  It is significant. You then know within yourself how to move forward, get the help you need, and what action you ought to take.

In retrospect, have you given any thought to where you would be today if you hadn’t fallen, picked yourself up and tried, tried again?  Where would you be emotionally or spiritually if you never failed in your prior attempts?   How has your character changed, and what have you learned in the process?  It almost always is a reoccurring, repetitive, rhythmic, cycle of a person’s growth process to finally succeed.

Are you grateful for what you have gone through? And acquired the knowledge you experienced?  It is a difficult process for all, even me!  Where would we be if we hadn’t endured or tried?



One comment on “Incremental Changes
  1. Randy says:

    Someone wise once said “We gave our entire lives to be where we are right now. The question is, was it worth it?”

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