When you look from within out, what do you see? How do you feel? And what do you sense? Is it an accepting, loving energy which nurtures you and makes you feel full and complete inside, like the warm rays of the sun soothing and healing your wounds?

Or is it an intense, powerful, kinetic motion within, which prevents your sores from ever truly healing? Do you struggle on all levels to prevent that process from beginning?

How do you effectively reach for that calm?

It takes a bold, brave person to look oneself in the mirror and exam themselves. It takes an even more courageous heart to take careful and deliberate account of one’s life to bring peace and harmony to one’s body, mind, and soul. So be gentle. Do it easy, and wrap your arms around yourself; finding that healthy, sound, state of being; which is the beginning of the healing process.

One comment on “Wholeness
  1. Randy says:

    As always, straight from the heart…and so very true!!

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