Is it so

Have you ever sat-in on your own meeting being disabled and having Cerebral Palsy, or sat beside your child trying to figure out how you can help them?  These meetings often seem to be well intentioned, but in reality, are isolated from our daily truth.  Every person involved is aware of what they need far more so than any of those experts who have made a career out of it.

With this comes many a thought and question to mind:

I do not believe the experts because you abused me and my child’s trust.  You didn’t listen to me and my needs and disrespected my knowledge of myself and my own child. You didn’t value me or my judgment to even take it under consideration.

People are not always reasonable. They don’t always want to hear what we have to say.  They get defensive, insulted, cover up truths and rule over us. But, that does not mean we have to sit back and take it.

What can you do to change this?


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