Preparing the Dough

Preparing the Dough

For months now, I have been baking my own gluten free bread.  But until last week, I could not find the right consistency.  It was either too sticky, or, would fall apart during cutting or toasting.  This was because I could not use eggs, yeast, or tapioca to hold the bread together.  It would fall apart to the touch!  I tried gelatin, and arrow root, but still the firmness was not right. I kept looking and looking for a solution until I came up with the following changes.

Instead of using 1 package of gelatin and ¼ cup arrow root, I eliminated the gelatin all together.  I bumped up the arrow root, to 1/3 cup and I read if you take 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed to 2/3 cup of water; boil for 3 to 5 five minutes until the consistency of an egg, your bread will taste like the real deal.

Keep your eyes peeled.  There’s more to come!



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