How do you Become Your Best

As a person with Cerebral Palsy how do you become your best? Are you practicing different versions of yourself by giving different renderings?  This can become mangled. Your statements will become partially true; mingled with falsehoods.   You’ll forget what you said and where you said it.  People will begin to see through you and judge you.

Is this what you want for yourself?  Is this what you want people to know and remember you by? 

Or, would you rather be your best so that you can connect with others and lead by example. 

If you’d like the latter, it means not always being perfect.  It means doing your most excellent job.  It means giving it your all.  It means taking risks and perhaps even being afraid at times. It means being responsible for yourself, your thoughts, and your actions. 

Can you handle being authentic and genuine?  Can you handle being a blessing to yourself and others?  Can you turn your fears into faith? Each and every act you perform will be a step in the right direction.

One comment on “How do you Become Your Best
  1. Kim says:

    Anonymous — again, you’re very kind and I disagree with you. Brave is the friend I had lunch with last week. He and his wife decided to not have their own children, they adopted a 3 year old from a Romanian orphanage. And the child has tremendous issues related to his early years. THAT’S brave and unselfish. Giving birth to children who ultimately have problems and not running away is not brave, its simple motherhood. OK, maybe it’s extreme motherhood. But I’m not even one tiny bit brave. In fact, most days, I’m scared shitless. And that’s the truth!

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