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What is Your Voice Saying

What does your voice sound like?  Is it calm and inviting like Pavarotti the opera singer? Does it engage people?  Does it work in your favor by having a positive energy force?   Do you bring this positive nature forward to

How Do I Navigate My Life

In your life, do you sit passively on the sidelines?  Do you sit back and watch the world go by?  Do you often look out into the oceans water wondering how you are going to master the obstacles in your

Blueberry Bread

This gluten free bread is VERY yummy in the tummy.  I took a muffin recipe and developed a masterpiece. 2 cups gluten free buckwheat flour and an (extra 1/4 cup for the blueberries ) 1 cup frozen blueberries rinsed and

Apricot Nut Bread

Here is another delicious recipe for you   ½ cup dried apricots 2 cups gluten free flour (buckwheat, oat, brown rice) 2 teaespoons baking powder 1/4 teaspoon baking soda 1 egg= 1 tablespoon flaxseed and ¼ c water plus a

Home Made Prune, Raisin Bread

Home Made Prune, Raisin Bread Now that I have explained the basics in my other two posts, let’s get started! Remember this is for you- so, to life! 1 cup whole prunes and 1 cup raisins                ½ cup honey 1

Dusting with Independence

How many of you reading these articles of mine, have had difficulty picking up trash from a dust pan after cleaning your floor?  It’s easy, one would think.  Right?  Wrong!  Actually not!  Think about it.  For many years, decades to

Making Health Food Shakes In the Rain

What do you do on a raining afternoon when it’s cold outside besides sitting in front of the fireplace, dappering at the computer,  talking to a close friend, listening to music, watching a good movies, giving oneself a facial, and

Changing Attitudes, Changing Minds!

In my last article, I wrote about people bullying others. Well today, my dear readers, I am going to take this topic a step further.  I am going to expand and give more detail about how this thinking applies in

The Priceless Penny

Isn’t it interesting, that still, in today’s society, we find indentations and grooves chiseled out in our expansive society which tries to prevent and stop our disabled population, our seniors, our financially limited person, and the less affluent from truly


The other day, I wrote an article that mentioned some tools that I use personally to maneuver through life.  One of the tools I use is to focus.  I think about something of interest.  Something I want to put my