Making Health Food Shakes In the Rain

What do you do on a raining afternoon when it’s cold outside besides sitting in front of the fireplace, dappering at the computer,  talking to a close friend, listening to music, watching a good movies, giving oneself a facial, and playing a board games to occupy ones time.

I like to make health food shakes, loaded with bananas, apples, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. In my opinion, that is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon like this.  It is yummy to the tummy, and delicious, too!  Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and nutrient and gives me a spring to my step.  And , a vigor to my bounce.  That is what I did for fun today!   I even got to lick my fingers off.  Um, um good!

This is an enormous treat for me.  Especially after many decades of being challenged with many food allergies, and not being able to eat much of anything that I liked.  So, to do something as simple, sweet, non-threatening, and health-giving;  it brings me a joy I can barely express.  As I sit here typing to you, I am very happy, content and relaxed.  How about you?

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