Dusting with Independence

How many of you reading these articles of mine, have had difficulty picking up trash from a dust pan after cleaning your floor?  It’s easy, one would think.  Right?  Wrong!  Actually not!  Think about it.  For many years, decades to be exact, I have avoided all attempts using a dust pan; because the dirt that I swept up would only gather underneath, instead of where it really belonged.  Frustrating yes- So frustrating and aggravating that I would give up after 5 endeavors of trying to get this dirt where it was meant to go.

And this is not like me, I’ll have you know.  Yet, this act of trying to accomplish this feat and undertaking   caused much annoyance and exasperation.  So, that I found new alternatives and choices for many years.  Thus, to be totally independent of anyone, I selected a vacuum in its place.

However, now, I must change my routine because I am restoring and adding new hardwood floors in my house.  Beautiful, yes!  Although it will require; and demand me to alter my independent ways.    As the old way, definitely is turning out to be a hindrance.  Without a doubt, outmoded and outdated.

Who, then, in their right mind is going to drag a vacuum across a newly shined and finished hardwood floor?  Not Me!!!   Because, I am not going to ruin them!  Hence, I am going to have to find a new adaptive way.  A way that will work for me-   and me alone!  A way which will allow me to clean my floors independently-   And, a way that will help prevent me from scratching them.

So, guess who went to Lowe’s?  I did.  And guess who bought a new dust pan with a handle and broom?  Um hum!  And guess what didn’t work?  You got it!  And,  why?   Because the rubber on the bottom of the dust pan; was tweaked.   Bent and lifting from the floor where it should be smooth and aligned.  So as maddening, irritating, and infuriating as it was, I had to deal with it.  I had to suck it up, gain my composure, and take the one I had from the garage, which we used for the garden, and use it for the use in the house.     What alternative did I have when the older one worked better than the new one I just bought?  So as clever as I am I  gave me my own freedom.

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