Alterative Appearance’s

Most of my life, unlike “normal” people, I have had to mend myself back to health numerous times. It was not only when I was an infant but throughout.   Needless to say, it has been extremely difficult to convince medical authority I knew what I was talking about.  If the tests on the medical report didn’t say it, then what I was saying didn’t prove a single thing.  The only solution, even though the doctors won’t admit they are doping us up, all they want is to prescribe medication because they, themselves, didn’t know the answer, nor, did they know how to cure the symptoms and treat the whole person.

They themselves, with all the medical training and book learned advice, are more at a loss then they care to admit.  If there isn’t a drug to push or a drug to subside the manifestations, then some kind of surgery, MRI, or Cat scan is forced, pressured, or urge upon us in an un-diplomatic way telling the patient … “how they CARE about the well being of your health.”  But how about treating the WHOLE person!

Recently, I have been able to restore my pancreas back to health; when a licensed, Family, General practitioner; was ready to shoot me up with diabetic medicine when I wasn’t even diabetic.  I knew imminently, what I needed to do for myself!   No, doctor, was going to belittle me, or dictate how I should live.  She was not going to induce drugs just for the sake of it.  Nor, was she going to destroy my own confidence in myself.  Neither was she going to deprecate my worth to build her own self up, by saying…”My way has not worked…”

This has been a long tradition throughout my entire life.  When I was younger, doctors wanted to carve up my disabled hand and good leg like a turkey.  If I allowed this, I would have two legs that were deformed and a hand that would be hanging by a string, useless, and worse than it is.  If I hadn’t cared about myself to the degree which I do, and spoke up for myself fighting traditional medicine, I would be far worse off and sicker today, than I actually am.

Some how, some way; I have been blessed with a gift to know what is truly right for me, and my body.  I some how always distinctively know when something is or is not right.  Some how my body and being knows when something is not kosher.  That is when a wave of feelings, my six sense, and my intuitiveness self takes over.  I salute and stand up to attention with a perceived perception that makes me stop and think.   That has kept me from listening to un-wise doctors, and medical disasters.

Whether disabled or not, doctors seem to over-step their boundaries.  They seem to think that because we are disabled physically, we don’t know a thing.  They seem to think that the “test” knows all.  And, they seem to think that it is their job to control our lives and ruin our bodies.    The medical profession, drunk on its own power, is unwilling to accept alterative medicine and healing not taught in a traditional setting, nor, are they willing to look at other attributes or classifications that bring comfort and true holistic healing to the person needing it.

And so, I am here to tell all of you; that this young woman has added forty years to her life. This woman’s gene pool was destined for hardening of the arteries, strokes, and diabetes.  This woman; since the age of twenty, suffered needlessly; unknowing her pancreas could not and would not digest foods properly.  Yet, yield and produced health and well-being.  And, this lady, stood steadfast for all these years till she found the answer.

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