Guidelines: How to Treat a Person with Cerebral Palsy

Guidelines: How to Treat a Person with Cerebral Palsy

  •  A person with C.P. would like to be treated like every other “normal” human being.
  •  A person with C.P. wants to be treated with dignity and respect.
  •  A person with C.P. wants to be given real choices and real opportunities to choose for

    • Realistic choices and opportunities so that people with C.P. can honesty survive
      in this world.
    • Shelter
    • Food
    • Clothing
    • Medical
    • Transportation
      • Car
      • Insurance
      • Gasoline
  • A person with C.P doesn’t want to be held back in life because of another person’s
    professional judgments.
  •  A person with C.P. would like to be asked if they need help. (Please don’t assume

    • Emotional aid
    • Physical aid -like being moved in a wheelchair
    • Monetary aid- to move forward in life- to get a job- to go back to school- to get
      off governmental assistance.
    • Ask what kind of daily assistance one needs if needed.
    • Give the same kind of compassion that you would want.
    • Listen to/ and talk with C.P. individuals like you would anybody else.
  • Give a person with C.P. a chance to pursue a self-directed career.
    • Employment-don’t discriminate.
    • Bring opportunity to the table of conversation.
    • Don’t label or slam the door closed on a person with Cerebral Palsy, just
      because they know their abilities and talents better than you.
  •  Give people with C.P. a choice
    • Allow them to get funding to better themselves.
    • Allow them to complete their training or education. ( in the field they choose.)
    • Don’t pigeon hole anyone.
    • Allow them to develop personal relationships.
    • Encourage life choices outside of approved government settings.
  •  Set up training programs in each state to teach and educate what people with C.P. need.
    (Not all Cerebral Palsy is the same.)

    • In all governmental Agencies and departments
    • Social Services
    • Police Department
    • Independent living and Rehabilitation Agencies
    • Educational Institutions
    • Society as a whole
    • One- on-one training group training programs
  •  Set up more Laws to protect individuals with C.P.
    • More medical benefits to get the treatment one needs to survive.
    • Food stamps should automatically be given to survive.
    • Safe and secure Housing that is affordable for each client’s needs/ wants /desires

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