The Healing Horse, Ch 5, Scene 8: Kitten Walks to the Hippodrome

As she overcomes her fears, little Kitten discovers a feeling of empowerment and a new perspective on her leg brace.

Scene 8: Kitten Walks to the Hippodrome

Without more hesitation, she took those last remaining steps. She found herself, a young girl with a perceptual learning disability and cerebral palsy, proudly strutting toward her goal. In a victorious rapture, she promenaded toward the red sign and the tower that held the ticket booth, with a feeling of empowered, enchanted bliss. Step by step, the cadence of her gate echoed in her mind, chiseling the rhythmic pattern of her syncopated footsteps into her memory. With each step, Kitten heard the flat, hollow reverberation of the brace buckle striking the metal bars that supported her leg. Today, that sound was but a distant annoyance. This was her dream, and she was making it come true.

As the man promised, she saw horses through the windows. She pulled open the beveled glass door with her strong right arm. Standing tall, she marched in.

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