The Healing Horse, Ch 5, Scene 9: Kitten’s First Impression of the Carousel

As she enters the hippodrome, and without her willing it, her paralyzed left arm and hand stretch as if she were waking up from sleep. This is the beginning of her spiritual awakening. 

Scene 9: Kitten’s First Impression of the Carousel

As she opened the beveled glass door, she felt a current of energy rush through her right arm and leg, surging through her fingers one at a time—thumb, pointer, middle, ring and pinky.

What was that?

The prickling sensation passed through her other side.
What is this?

Without her willing it, her left arm and hand reached out straight with fingers pointing, as if she were stretching after waking. But that arm is paralyzed, she thought.

Despite the surge, Kitten proceeded through the doors and stopped just inside the hippodrome. The faint tingling throbbed throughout her body. She sensed something spiritual take hold of her. She could not identify it, but she surrendered, setting herself free, liberating her spirit, loosening the reins of her unhealthy beliefs and fears about not coming to the carousel.

Letting go was easy as she looked at the array of colors before her. A rippling lightning bolt filled the center of the room. The powerful waltz of the calliope vibrated through the air, through the floor and through her body. She instantly took it all in with her keen six senses. Looking more carefully, she saw dancing splashes of dazzling pigment reflected on the soft vanilla walls. After a moment, the music slowed, and the rippling bolt of color in the middle of the room became a parade of whirling horses in contrasting colors. The dancing rainbow had been the merry-go-round. As it twirled, its plentiful hues merged into one enormous color palette. Beyond the lines of horses, the mighty calliope shone from the center. People dismounted from the horses and began leaving the hippodrome. Kitten moved to the side, so she would not block the door.

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